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Although Harrison and Mary have vowed on their word of honor, however dishonorable their word is, that they would never, ever, ever, ever, ever come to any family event again where Marzeus is present, because they don't like Marzeus for being who he is, somehow Father did manage to ge...
The following poems reflect on rejection, loss, and finally finding oneself. I hope you enjoy them.
Acceptance, does it come from within yourself or from others?
My childhood was traumatic. Up until my adult years I cannot truly remember many happy moments. I can tell you that I have spent many of my years on this earth very depressed and not really knowing who I was and what was expected of me.
A young man having already a girl companion was known to the other girl he is proposing now..
Tips on how to move on after a death or significant change in ones life making them feel unwanted.
Having a valid credit card with you is good. But to ensure that they are protected in the right way is more important.
Recently the Yahoo Contributor Network has closed (as has some other writing sites) and many writers have sought out a new home, finding Wikinut there are some things the new contributor should know in order to get the best out of the site.
Its a poem about how a girl has to cope up with her feelings and try to keep up her self confidence and self esteem when she is heartbroken.
It is the first poem i have ever written. It is all about the feeling one has to go through when one is rejected in love relationship. one feels pain but still wants his beloved back into the life.
When rejection comes, the feelings you have might be a blow to your ego, but it can actually be a blessing. Rejection makes you, yourself, have to review your own work. As a writer we are more critical of our own work and may find mistakes even an Editor can miss!
Everyone have this fear of being rejected and sometimes this fears are the cause of hindrances and blockage in our personal growth. How can we cope up with this? What can we do, in order to overcome this fear?
Slowing down is hard to do when for freelance writers, who have the option of taking on as many jobs as they want. Sometimes a rejection comes at just the right time to bring perspective back to the writing-at-home life.
A failed attempt on a lonely day in early winter.
This is why women reject you. Women get rejected too so you're not alone but there are reasons why they do that so read here.
You must remember you are not the victim, you are the victor, and life belong to you.
How failures & misfortune strike and impact us at the level of our belief
By now everyone knows popular American Idol singer Angie Miller was cut. We all get rejected sometimes. We just need to remember a no is just a not now. A no is just a YES in infancy!
When you are self dejected because of who you are after going through the unfair test of comparing yourself to others, where can the hurt be sequestered, overcome or give in to the shame of being in want, but refused.
How many writers read their publication (or even rejection) notifications? You should if you wish to improve as a writer because they can contain many nuggets of useful information. It is not simply the notices from the moderation system you should take notice of, but also those provi...
How do you deal with rejection? How much it hurts and why would you take it?
What fear do you have and how are you going to get through it? There may be so many reasons to fear that challenges ahead but there are often as many reason to challenge yourself and get through the next phase of your life.
Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? particular those who are convince by their own heights of intelligence? and many people would rather wage a convincing war of words, to gain victory
How do you deal with rejection? Is that a big deal? If they don't like you, does it really matter after all?
April Poem A Day Challenge Day 8 Rejection Poem. About being rejected due to not fitting in.
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