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There’s nothing wrong or offensive about this comment (in most cases), it’s just a passenger stating that she / he prefers having to be around pleasant service staff. It’s a different thing that people say it in a way that it sounds like the perception is restricted to just look...
Several tips to rejuvenate one's health and skin From genetics to daily life, through sport and better food, from stress management to serene way of life
Plan a family holiday to a wilderness spot or tiger reserve to rejuvenate your family ties and self. Holiday in a wildlife destination can be de-stressing and a great boon to family life.
There are lot of benefits with green tea, now a days green tea popularity is going on, green tea will be beneficial for skin to look younger.
The Islamic Hijri calendar observes Ramadan as a month of fasting. Fasting during this month is meant to rejuvenate body, mind and soul. It promotes human relationships and universal brotherhood.
Being selfish is sometimes a good thing. If we don't take time out to take care of ourselves, we will be of little good to anyone else.
Keep your days young and energetic with a fresh and rejuvenating lemon tea. Lovely lemon flavors mixed with tasty ingredients of your choice can make your entire life year round valentine.
Every color has a special effect on your body, mind and soul. Indian medical sciences say that colors are influenced by the chakras in the body which channel body functions.
Modern sex life between a couple has become a great question mark. First of all the busy schedule of modern life style has made life a squeezed one. But we must realize that sex is also an essential part of life.
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