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This is close to my heart I had the best teacher in school who taught me drama and grade 1 haha she is like a second mother to me tragically she passed away of cancer. This poem is a very short story of our relationship and the fazes I went through and what happened. Since meeting her...
When you are in love you want to spend every waking moment getting to know the one you love.
What happens when someone falls in love, and then their feelings are disregarded? Being only twenty years old, I have learned a lot about what it is like to be in love and what the true meaning of love really is.
There are many observances in the United States. One of the least celebrated, but one that typifies the foundation upon which this nation is built is Family Week.
We all want to be accepted and loved by others. Sometimes when we think that we are not acceptable or loved we try to change. Unfortunately those changes never last because it is not who we really are. To be true to ourselves is the most important thing that we can do in a relations...
This is about relationship, building relationship.
Shiela and Ike agreed to meet at the mall in the afternoon. Everytime, Sheila asked him to come and meet her, he comes. He told her that he will be there after thirty minutes but she was there for two hours already and she was angry and wants to end the relationship with the man she l...
Love is the primary reason for a long lasting relationship. Actually, it is God’s greatest commandment. A meaningful life is a life full of love. The best way to enjoy it is to share it with someone till the bounds of marriage and settling down a family. But many other components n...
No matter what we do He will always love us. There is no one else that will love you the way He does. But how can He love us so knowing all we will do?
This article is an attempt to remind us that our relationship and daily walk with God is no less than a magnificent miracle. We must ask with Isaac Watts, “Would he devote that sacred head for such a worm as I”?
If I ever fall in love again, and who ever you are, this is what I would feel for you.
Holding a grudge or having a chip on your shoulder doesn't solve anything. Here is how to fix it.
What is beauty? This poem describes beauty in the broad sense of the word. From human beings, to the effect that nature has on the human mind and heart. It discusses beauty in ways that are often overlooked in this modern age.
A poet comments and prays for our safe sojourn through life A simple acceptance ..
Sometimes the thoughts that go through your mind when you have a bad day in your relationship.
What would you do if you realised you have lost all your friends? Would you still have one you can count on?
Dating when older is challenging but don't give up on meeting someone special at any age
Love shouldn't be neglected in relationships, most relationships lack love and communication. Focus on real love if possible. this will make you see how special life can be with your partner.
I mentioned in group discussion that I am sometimes a little nervous in achieving rapport with people I don't know, and most related with what I said. I mentioned the word "intimacy"--in the context of struggling to build a useful rapport with at least some level of authenticity of ex...
The great dilemma was how to fill the great gulf that separated God and man. The magnificence of his beauty and the glorious sight of his face was enough to kill a man.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away and in this life; "only one thing really matters that wherever we go and however we go, we hear the music of life." By: Theodor Fontane
Provoking questions for you to share your opinion. Please feel free to express yourselves
Ship Of Fools, an Essay on Man and God, darwinism, science, engineering and the shoulder's of giants
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