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We today live in a world of speed, technology, where everything is accessible. Our parents lived in a black and white time, struggled to get everything and make ends meet yet, family was everything, manners were important, and people knew the meaning of life,courting and romance! Fol...
Yes it's true that sometimes women can seem very complicated and hard to understand. They pretend too much and they always moan about something. You can be a perfect lover, a perfect partner or a perfect friend but there are some things that can make your life easier. A "small" list o...
I am currently learning to cope with being in a long distance relationship. What have learned is worth remembering.
Whether because of the many problems we face or because of our hectic lives, romance quite recently disappeared.
There is always that time where you feel that you just might possibly, could be, might be....healing. Moving on.
Focus less on what other people think and life gets much easier.
This will be an informative piece through my personal experience with friends, relatives and myself on spying on your partner. It will seem as if by spying it would all be positive for you will either get information for staying or leaving the relationship. Along with spying you can h...
Flirting with someone starts with eye contact the progresses.There is an art in this to be successful.Timing is everything.
a poem on the true meaning of love and the power of love
The reason why he figure he should be with someone else possibly and instead of you.
When you find one or more of those five signs, you need to be careful. Keep your eyes on him and don't let him fool you.
Relationships or falling in love exist in this world but they should exist in our lives when we are grown and capable enough to understand and accept it, and to make this true teenagers need to change their opinions and way of thinking as stated in my article.
He seemed so sweet and charming but he was hiding a dark secret. He was my brother-in-law and a violent, abusive husband to my sister. Read on to learn from my story and help avoid domestic violence in your family.
This is about problems on relationship between love and family members. This is sometimes happened to others.
This is about relationship, building relationship.
If you want a girl out there to fall in love with you, chances are that you'll have to go that extra step to win her over. That's okay, though, because you're probably willing to do anything it takes. Follow the suggestions in this article to get a girl to fall in love with you. Love ...
Shiela and Ike agreed to meet at the mall in the afternoon. Everytime, Sheila asked him to come and meet her, he comes. He told her that he will be there after thirty minutes but she was there for two hours already and she was angry and wants to end the relationship with the man she l...
Love is the primary reason for a long lasting relationship. Actually, it is God’s greatest commandment. A meaningful life is a life full of love. The best way to enjoy it is to share it with someone till the bounds of marriage and settling down a family. But many other components n...
Here are some words that trailed my head years ago, and I thought I should share my two cents on how to look at relationships that do not work out, in a positive manner. It is difficult, I know, but I thank it, for it made me the person I am today. This read is very subjective to the ...
Friends with benefits has many terms,but yet the same meaning and outcome with many consequences.
Why does love, dating and relationships have to be so hard to understand. So very tired of being confused!!
If I ever fall in love again, and who ever you are, this is what I would feel for you.
There are times that the ex's cannot let go with their previous relationship with your husband and she keeps on bothering your relationship. See more on the content.
Ever wonder why you're coming home to an animal instead of a person everyday? Here's my view as to why.
What does life and a special baby carriage have in common in life?
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