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There are different kinds of relationships. Couple relations, friend relationship. business relationship, family relationship ... etc All have a basis in common and this is going to be the point of my morning chronicle. So grab yourself some coffee ... and join me.
An introduction to me, Maggles. I hope you will Begin to get to know me through this summary.
A short consideration on the predicament of my generation and a method for discovering truth in a world of relativism.
This is about relationship, building relationship.
Love is the primary reason for a long lasting relationship. Actually, it is God’s greatest commandment. A meaningful life is a life full of love. The best way to enjoy it is to share it with someone till the bounds of marriage and settling down a family. But many other components n...
Here's the most interesting part of this particular phenomenon, whatever your excuse, I guarantee you that there are MANY, MANY singles in this world that have overcome your very same situation (excuse) and gone on to create fabulous fulfilling relationships.
A poet comments and prays for our safe sojourn through life A simple acceptance ..
This poem takes a critical look at the prospect of having multiple partners at the same time. It is designed to make people think twice about having many romantic relationships at the same time as well as using these partners just for sex. It gives the reader a look at the many postiv...
It’s Christmas soon, and in the spirit of goodwill, I am wishing everyone seasons greetings. Read on to find out more. :
The noises of grandpa was heard at his old house by relatives. He was dead 40 years ago. His employees were curious. He used to live in an old shophouse that was built before world war 1.
This article is about the persons whoever Staying in their Relative's House for a long time.
Poem about long time fighting with relatives and how it isn't anymore important who was right and who was wrong.
Provoking questions for you to share your opinion. Please feel free to express yourselves
Cancer will effect all of us in someway or another . This poem is dedicated to the thousands of men and women who find their significant other has been directly effected by this terrible disease. I wish you both well in your fight and pray that someday they will find a cure.
So, this blog got quite profound and thought-provoking. What a question.
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