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These are top 3 cities in Croatia you should visit if you are planning a holiday trip to Croatia.
Mother's often forget to take care of themselves they are busy taking care of everyone else. Those few moments that you spend doing something for yourself are some of the most important.
Every now and then I think about money and relaxation. This is my favorite leisure time management activity. Invariably, I end up writing an article about it and…so here we are. Time and leisure are like thieves who walk hand in hand. I find it difficult to tell the two apart…exce...
No matter how we spend our days, what we do for work, or who we interact with on a daily basis, we all encounter some form of stress. Stress can be debilitating for some people, and the prospect of confronting it at work or at school can be difficult, especially if it’s for reasons ...
Stress is now known as a major killer, undermining our mental, emotional, and physical health daily in conjunction with both internal and external causes. All of us need to reduce our stress, learning multiple ways to relax, reduce our anxieties and worries, manage our over reactions...
We know that herbal teas can be good for us, but for those of us who like black tea (herein referred to as "real" tea") it can be an adjustment process. Some herbal teas taste vaguely like dirt and others like nothing much at all. So, what do we do to get some of the health benefits a...
Bad mood? Depressed? Things not going your way? Have a solution here. Take a small break and start with a new zeal.
The feeling of being boxed in when one can still make a contribution
Yes it is such a wonderful when we take time out to recharge
Every Friday evening is anxiously awaited by all. It starts the weekend mood. Minds begin to hover in advance with pleasant memories. Saturday always comes with cool memories of relaxed life. Here is an incident that would bring smile on your face.
Are you one of those people who, like me, seem to be always be rushing around, taking life at full speed - until suddenly you feel burnt out? Maybe, like me, you need permission to slow down.
This page about the stress management. There are some tips to manage stress like: Learn to be patient and observe the way your weight is shifting towards the ground and let go of everything, all the heaviness and all the tiredness.
Imagine a spirit world existing in Small-town, America where you are immediately uplifted the moment you cross the town line. The quaint serenity of the community that embraces the power of free will and openly communicating with the dead is embellished with an atmosphere filled with ...
The healing powers of Saranac Lake was originally discovered by Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau as the optimal treatment location, who himself was seriously ill with tuberculosis, eventually relocated to the Adirondacks in 1873, after noticing a marked improvement in his health that cou...
Abhyanga is an important part of Ayurvedic treatment called Panchakarma. It aims at relaxing the body and mind, by improving the flow of energy and by opening the channels.
this article is about taking a mini vacation from all the busy and hustlefull activities of daily life and relaxing your body and mind to a stressless state.
Meditation is an often-misunderstood discipline. While the mainstream of society believe meditation is about “stress relief” and little more, meditation helps many to not only relax but also to develop themselves as a person and regain lost capacities – especially when combined ...
This page is about a column on chairs and their varieties.
We don't want to experience hardships. If we could understand how to develop love and inner calm by way of meditation, then our lives certainly would not lose any of their richness.
So, you want to relax and feel great being at home but do want to experience the world? A couple of things I jotted down today would do some good.
Light, love and wisdom, the Mancharians say, are expected to benefit from "synergies" between the left and right hemispheres of the brain i.e. the union of the conscious with the subconscious mind by way of constant meditation. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Meditation can easily minimize stress and help our body to relax. Meditation also give us many great benefits in order to pursue our goals in life.
Indoor water features are more than just ornamental. Read on to find out how they not only improve our home environment but also have more mood-enhancing benefits.
Meditation brings in a calmness which helps in healing your body and motivates your mind. The article highlights three easy meditation techniques.
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