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This article is about how to use ginger in various ways for nausea.
Asthma is an inflammatory disorder of the airways of the lungs that leads to wheezing,breathlessness,chest tightness and cough particularly at night and early morning.Unlike those suffering from other chronic ailments like diabetes and hypertension, asthma patients need not compromise...
Obesity is mostly takes place due to overeating but it can also happen due to mental tensions. Read the article to know more...
This ancient remedy is as effective today as many pharmecuticals and dosen't have the problem of harsh side effects.
Air pollution is the deadliest form of pollution as it can lead to holes in the ozone layer, green- house effect and acid rain. We have already seen its effects in the rapid changes in seasonal cycles, rains, etc.
The filthy water of Ganges -a river considered sacred by all Indians, is mute witness to the water pollution that India reels under. Quite surprisingly two opposing factors poverty and development- are the causes of water pollution in India.
Do you suffer from chronic snoring? In this article we will explore 8 simple methods to reduce it. Most of them are simple and cost effective. You owe it to yourself to at least give them a try!
Introducing personal friend and life coach Mrs. Bunnie Rosales
Margosa is refreshing and has a calming effect. It is a sanitizer in nature and a blood purifier. It assists in removing digestive troubles, cough, common cold, fever and other bodily ailments
We present some herbal remedies from healer Vanga, Bulgaria.
For all diseases of the liver and gall recommend a drink that has the gift to cleanse and strengthen internal organs.
Cold and sometimes blistering weather definitely affect our lips that ends up cracking. Here's a simple way you can eliminate the cracking.
We present some natural remedies to reduce perspiration: tea tea for internal use and for external
In pharmacies are also several medications for various ailments. However, natural treatments, most often give better results than medication. Thus, we can clean kidneys with parsley tea.
Acidity is the common problem every one is having or may have due to over eating or for other reason as such. At emergency it better to know about the home made remedies and use them which are safe and cost saving also.
Hot flashes affect many women before and during menopause. Discover some natural remedies that can help with this annoying occurrence and bring relief.
Natural homemade remedies, for beautiful looking skin, which won’t cost you a fraction of high street brands. These remedies are organic and healthy for your skin, NO Toxins, NO Problems.
turmeric has been used for centuries to cure ailments and as an alternative way to keep the body healthy.
The many benefits of olive oil are numerous. From wrinkle reduction to losing your hair. Discover the many remedies of using olive oil
Herbal medicine is for chronic conditions, relief, and overall mental health. Learn of the many herbs that will bring relief to your conditions the natural way.
In every family with children cases of injuries,bruises, burns, scalds, stings, sprains and other such accidents are often seen. Homoeopathy can easily and effectively be used to cure such cases.
Overactive bladder problem has caused embarrassment in many people, both men and women. Many of them do not bother to take any treatment. There are many treatments in all systems of medicines. If you are not successful with conventional treatments you can try Ayurveda.
Fair complexion is the aim of many women. In the following lines you will learn how to have a fair bright skin by using home remedies
Dandruff is common in ladies and it can be cured by home itself with little tips
What is the herb agrimony used for? Agrimony has many different uses including everything from easing sore throats to bleeding.
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