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Must remember .We cannot forget passed loved associations... Hence our remembrance
I wonder if you still remember me....I have reached the zenith of poetry but thank Lords... I am no celebrity ...I still enjoy my anonymity ...don't pity It is lovely so many now LOVE ME!
Remember just one thing Should you forget every moment of my life I sacrificed for you,This theme is missing in modern lovers lives
Losing a loved one in death is always painful. And sometimes the shock takes your breath away and you don't know what to say. But, the best way to cope, to move on and keep living is to remember the good times shared. Hold them close in your heart and no one can take them from you. C...
Life is a puzzle which we have to solve as there will be too many unanswered questions along the path and we all will be struggling to get answers to those. There will be ups and down's, success and failures as we walk along the path of life. But life is also beautiful and all those t...
Will you remember..This is just a desire of an unknown poet seeking recognition which he gets but then doubts himself....
Remembrance lovers.A tribute in memory of the comedian 1951 born Robin Williams...Comedian 1951-2014 AUGUST
A letter to an old flame. Wishing he were still here.
Good educating need for the children, in foundation, that is begins from the school.
On one of my recent pages a very lovely lady wrote..." thank you for the reminders, the remembering, and the rejoicing" so this is about that and enjoy...
Always on the planet throughout time there have been those who hold the wisdom of the ages...not your silly 2 plus 2 make 4 but eternal truths that will always is and so will be
A poem that I randomly thought up one night. Comments are open.
The basic building blocks of any language are the words, lets face it words can be the source of so much enjoyment, but they can also be the source of so much pain, irrespective of the languages we use they are such an integral part of our lives but love or hate what is said the word ...
Things you remember to do or notice when you do remember and adopt the attitude that you never forget.
Everybody wish to look young, but it is difficulty to avoid some items to our food list. These are Sugar( sweets), Saturated fat and Liqueur.
A poem in remeberance of all loves lost. Whether it be your spouse, your sibling , or a dear friend this will touch the heart of anyone who has experienced love or loss.
When we hear the word why, it is calling for understanding, the how-come, the purpose and the results.
There's nothing left, you should take it all over again, but it's an understatement to end, because they know that's no beginning, nor end. It's boundless. Want and need to see you, even listen to you, no, it's great ... it's endless, and is present every day in my life. I was wrong, ...
June 6, 1944, the Allied invaded the continent of Europe, landing in France, starting the end of World War II. We honor those who sacrificed so much on that date – D-Day!
April PAD Challenge Day 14 from Robert Brewer write a sonnet. This sonnet can be a rhyming or non rhyming 14 lines. This one is non rhyming.
The anguish and hurt felt in the abused, cries out for release, always to be remembered! No, this is not personal, but for all those out there who feel this!
Have you ever wished, and hoped, and prayed, that you could go back and start over in anything? Work, play, or love?
Daisy is eighty now, and her life is changing at a frightening pace. Her memory is failing her too, and she wants to tell her son Ian, but can't find the words. Read on to find out more
Quietly they have been working on for many centuries. The whole universe, factually speaking, stands at the back of every person to make his life in this universe possible. have we or have we not anything to learn from this cosmic process? If we stop a little to think, we shall find t...
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