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Reminiscences of the past ...come like rivers in a dream ...we all feel like drowning..This is a common feeling
Most of the time we have to remember the past to reconcile and have better understanding of what happening today. This poem shows paradox, how a writer struggle for himself.
The feeling of being boxed in when one can still make a contribution
A young girl reads her beloved books whilst sitting in the arm of her favorite apple tree, and listens to the birds sing in harmony to the humming of the bees. A postcard short based on the memories of a now, all too soon, middle aged woman.
"Deeply longing to be in the arms of someone you have been yearning to see for such a long time.."
How many times on special occasions the memories of a dear one tend to come back
A love that the other person holds onto when one of them has moved on. A poem that shows the different stages of the relationship and all the memories that you want to keep a hold of until you meet that person again.
Remembering a loved one for the good memories and loving them still
When I die I tell my family and friends, bury me in all white and don't forget to put in my pad & my pen. Cause I'm writing in the after life about all the cold and lonely nights, about never given up a fight, about my heart of gold, and about how in my soul I carried a load.
I' pve written a letter to my 10 year old self, saying that it would all be better and everything's going to be alright.
Most of us take Old Age as a difficult and painful phase be it for monitory reasons or for Medical reasons. Little do we realise that is a great opportunity for you to reminisce on your bygone years and savour the pleasant memories. Here is my take on it as a poem.
This is my own interpretation of memories, reminisces, of living the life.
In every adult, no matter the age, is that little boy or girl that we used to be. It was a time of innocence, each day a new adventure, each year, a lifetime away...We lived for the pure joy of living, of facing each new day....Where did that child go, before life intervened and made ...
I remember some sweet memories from growing up in the 60s and 70s. Simple pleasures in a simpler time in a quiet neighborhood where everyone knew everybody. Here I share a little reminiscence.
Sometimes even in the present, the past can seem so close, as if they sometimes walk side by side along the same path...Reminiscing can bring great pain, but great joy too, especially on a day like today......
~Sometimes words carry music within themselves~then there are times music speaks beyond words~occasionally there’s an instance when both occur simultaneously~strings quiver~voices vibrate~we are transported into the world of song~
Reminiscing old times one late night to the song “Even Now” by Barry Manilow
This is not my first, nor my last poem writting.
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