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Reminiscences of the past ...come like rivers in a dream ...we all feel like drowning..This is a common feeling
Some reminiscence and observation of class room and it's student on the duraiton of the teacher's stay.
A three (3) poems about the author's childhood, school memories, street scene and in general his hometown in a unique place South East Asia- city of Lipa.
A poem that thinks back on how you felt about another person and all the memories you created before you lost them
One winter night, exhausted of work I opened facebook and got immersed into childhood pics that my friend had uploaded. soon, i was overwhelmed by the love and happiness that was filling my heart by numerous memories of my time spent with my friends. Thus came out my poem reminiscence...
As an old man, I think of the things I accomplished in my life.
Sometimes, it seems, having a good memory is a curse
The discovery of a cache of old letters brings back memories of a lost love.
A chance encounter with a former teacher brings back memories for us both.
I remember some sweet memories from growing up in the 60s and 70s. Simple pleasures in a simpler time in a quiet neighborhood where everyone knew everybody. Here I share a little reminiscence.
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