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Reminiscences of the past ...come like rivers in a dream ...we all feel like drowning..This is a common feeling
Felipe makes plans to leave Southern Arm and begin the next chapter of his life.
A young girl reads her beloved books whilst sitting in the arm of her favorite apple tree, and listens to the birds sing in harmony to the humming of the bees. A postcard short based on the memories of a now, all too soon, middle aged woman.
A love that the other person holds onto when one of them has moved on. A poem that shows the different stages of the relationship and all the memories that you want to keep a hold of until you meet that person again.
My friend thinks he is not alone in the men's room, and he is right. Little does he know, it's not who he thought it was.
As I gaze upon our first snow of the season, my heart gets lost in reminiscent memories of cherished days gone by! I dedicate this poem to my granddaughter Kaitlin who will help me create new memories!
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