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Examining the purpose of the covering of the timbers floor that supplies a natural tea as the nutrients work back to seep into the soil.
Do Not Be Conformed To The Pattern of This World ~~~ BUT ~~~ Be Transformed ~~~ BY RENEWING YOUR MIND!
Spring time and harvest has a story to tell, even in labor, rest, and sleep. A master plan is there to be found, to seek and to keep.
Of the Robert Brewer prompt to write a listening poem. This is what came when listening to the rain and thinking about Damien and how the rain can represent certain things in life.
Where in this US of A can one go to vacation and not have to go back to work to recover? How about enjoying the 'silence' a small remote town has to offer. Sound good? Read on.
In the calm of silence, seek what waits beyond. Evaluate, anticipate, and new thoughts may come. Nurture deeper furrows in the mind.
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