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The dark and murky waterways of the Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee Rivers are home to some of the most malevolent and mischievous ghosts of the south, and the Delta Queen steamboat with her eloquent steam paddle wheel, who rides quietly along those rivers is considered one of the mos...
Marzeus has been washing his clothes in the washing machine. When it comes time to carry them over to the tumble dryer, he notices an interesting thing: The tumble dryer is moved forward and standing out of place.
Ranked the fourth most terrifying destination in America by the Travel Channel, the Whispers Estate never has a dull moment. Dark shadows, whispers coming from the walls, moving objects, foul odors, and active entities keep the guests entertained around the clock.
Strange phenomena has always been a part of the Cottage Cafe's past, which just happens to be one of the town's oldest structures that is still standing today. The history of the building offers a few clues as to the possible reasons for the establishments strange occurrences. True pa...
For years during the nineties I would wake up from a dream with a strong image of a view that puzzled me. It was a view where in the distance two mountains ended up in the sea.
I have stayed at the Blue Water Inn in St. Clair Michigan a few times in the past few years. Although their rooms were dated, they were always clean and the view made up for a lot. They have since renovated all the rooms and I had an opportunity to stay there not that long ago. These ...
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