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It is my passion to add some detailed articles with the warning contents about the consequences to befall the sinful generation of Human Beings when Our Mighty God Will be denouncing Judgement on that Coming Day of the Lord. My contents aim at making people repent and turn form evil w...
With God, all things are possible. That's it. Let's get on board and start going somewhere with our lives.
Here is the lesson about the city of Nineveh. How a wicked city was given a chance the second time and spared from God's pending judgement.
My poem today is based loosely on Chapter 8 of the Book of Proverbs as written By King Solomon...Seek Wisdom life.
There is a great anticipation by many who are waiting for the Rapture to take place. It will without a doubt happen soon and it behooves every Christian to be on the firing line doing what they can for Christ's sake.
Why write the Book of Numbers? Again, it is kind of curiosity why I took the cudgel. For the image that goes with the title, it is a bit incongruous that the watch was selected among the many. On the other hand, the message of time in a continuum was selected. Time, like this watch is...
Hi friends, wake up. The cold and dark winter has gone by. The glorious spring is blossoming. It is a welcome call to wake up and act.
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