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Was indeed the "garden of Eden" a factual experience? Let us see what the records indicate, shall we? But first, let us continue just a bit further in "examining" the Go-d storage of the Alms and the money masters." - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Yesterday I came outside to find a dying snake, a dead frog, a lawn mower and two servants gawking at it. The site of it all was definitely a conversation piece indeed.
Snakes.... snakes snakes snakes!!! If only they weren't poisonous, they'd be much more popular reptile pets. But, since many are poisonous, well, KILL THEM KILL THEM KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!
There's a knock on my office door. It's Petros. Usually I don't like it when people come into my workplace uninvited. This is kind of MY space where I do my thing.
Ah, snakes... they move so gracefully and well controlled, just the way a good cgi snake does. People love the many horror movies about killer snakes, but what happens when such a fatal monster finds itself at your feet, and you're like "WHAAAAAA!!!! Snake at my feet!"
The top most popular pets such as dogs, cats, birds, horses and fish, share many of our homes, but some of us prefer the most exotic type of pet, this article is for them
Learn more about keeping Iguanas as pets. Learn if an iguana would be a good pet for you. How to feed and care for pet Iguanas.
Bearded Dragons are lizards from Australia that have recently become popular as pets. Often called "Beardies", they are small when sold but will grow to 22 inches (55 cm) in length - learn more about care for Pet Bearded Dragons.
The roughly 245 million year old marine reptile is beautifully preserved.
At the launch of a NASA's LADEE unmanned moon orbiter, it was to be a frog that stole the show. That's one giant leap for frogkind.
Sea turtles are among the most unique and interesting creatures living and swimming in our seas and oceans. Their habitat comes alive with them growing, mating and foraging daily for food. Can we bear to see empty bodies of water with nothing living in them, including turtles and o...
What is a Herp? The word Herptile, or Herp, generally refers to any reptile or amphibian. For many people these are scary animals, but for others they are the perfect pet.
The most terrifying reptile that made T-rex look like a baby at them. Read more to know more.
turtles have many very interesting and unusual attributes, but their food habits are rather ordinary. the fact is, most turtles eat just about anything.
When you are looking to purchase a bearded dragon for the first time from a store always buy the terrarium or tank first and also make sure to have it setup before taking home your bearded dragon.
Lizards and amphibians are attractive pets because they can be kept in small apartments, don’t have to be walked, and many have colorful skin pigmentation that make them exceptionally eye-catching.
I was fascinated recently to have seen a CBS news report on the fifteen most deadly snakes in the world, because five of those are native to Australia. Let me introduce you to five of Australia’s and the world’s most deadly citizens.
Cold-blooded creatures take on the temperature of their surroundings. They are hot when their environment is hot and cold when their environment is cold. In hot environments, cold-blooded animals can have blood that is much warmer than warm-blooded animals.
About a year and a half ago, my mom bought me a green turtle that was about twice the size of my palm. I've had him for about six months and in those six months, I enjoyed his company.
Gustave is giant Nile crocodile that lives in the area of Burundi. He is estimated to be 65 years old, which is 20 years older then average life span of a Nile crocodile. This monster weighs around a ton and is over 30 feet in length, making him the biggest crocodile in Africa.
Anoles are small lizards that are often kept as pets. Learn more about Green Anoles as pets.
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