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Now that the Republicans have gained a majority in both houses of Congress, we are about to see a full frontal assault on the environment, social programs, and women's bodies. It's going to get really ugly.
There is a battle in Virginia right now, between the Senate and the House of Delegates. They Delegates are threatening to shut down the Government in Virginia if they can not pass a clean budget with out Medicaid Expansion. This is how expansion will help all of Virginia and Virginia'...
I discuss, what has been said and done by Republicans that show an actual war on women. And then give my take on their Conservative, Religious Beliefs and how the two do not add up!
What the Republican Party is really striving to accomplish is brilliantly exposed by Professor Reich.
Paul Ryan made a bit of a Freudian slip this week when talking about medical care in the United States. It turns out the Republicans want to destroy it.
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