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In 2012 I published a version of this article on a US-based citizen journalism website in response to news reports that apparently exposed prominent American evangelist Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham use of his powerful public position to undermine Barack Obama's retention of th...
What the Republican party must try to do to win the White House in 2016
There is a battle in Virginia right now, between the Senate and the House of Delegates. They Delegates are threatening to shut down the Government in Virginia if they can not pass a clean budget with out Medicaid Expansion. This is how expansion will help all of Virginia and Virginia'...
I discuss, what has been said and done by Republicans that show an actual war on women. And then give my take on their Conservative, Religious Beliefs and how the two do not add up!
the impending government shutdown likens us to say "Abracadabra" and the Tea Party and most Republicans would just disappear.
Boy, our "wizards" in Washington continue to do it again. Like spoiled brats. Not one piece of meaningful legislation has been offered, instead all they do issue threats if they don't get their way.
How the distortion of facts is all too common a practice by the Republican party and even to some extent the Democratic party as well.
How the Republican party continues to disengage themselves from the American public.
The Republican Party of my father's time was civil and often cooperated with Democrats. How did circumstances change so dramatically?
According to the stars, it doesn't look good for Mitt Romney's prospects.
Divided since the 2010 midterm elections, Congress continues to strangle itself with gridlock.
Republicans in Texas do not want young people there to be educated. They want them to be indoctrinated, and they make no bones about it.
Dick Cheney got a new heart. Did he ever have one to begin with?
The Republicans who are following the Mitch, John, and Eric strategy to defeat President Obama with the aid and assistance of four, seemingly nitwits, are damaging their party bad, beyond recovery.
For male leaders in the GOP, women need to be controlled and owned by men.
Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul gets the biggest boos of the night at the GOP primary debate.
A slick campaigner even as President, Barack Obama is able to deflect intense criticism through carefully crafted speeches and support from many unable to admit his numerous failures. But the "at least he's better than/blame Bush" rebuttal doesn't cut the mustard now, especially since...
He may be much-toted as a potential frontrunner but his first week on the presidential campaign trail has been all but uncontroversial. A discussion of three issues that give the Texas governor a dose of perhaps unwelcome attention.
This article looks at the possibility that American leadership has some psychological issues and needs some serious help from us, the people.
The Presidential Race is right around the corner, and I thought it would be interesting to see what the Republican party is working with to contend with Barack Obama and the Democratic party. Focus: Michele Bachmann.
Sometimes topical, sometimes not, sometimes relevant, sometimes not. Always done with the with getting people to think, and if they chuckle a bit that's good too.
Voting in the U.S.-Did you vote? No? Then let's have a little chat...
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