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What the US needs to do in order to secure it's future.
The real american tragedy is Trump and the Republicans today.
Today the Republicans and Donald Trump have only intensified to a new low of intelligence in Washington.
The Republican Congress and the Trump Administration are systematically undermining the basic core of our democracy.
What this nation needs is the progressive agenda that Senator Sanders is offering to unify this divided nation.
The insane world of Donald Trump and the Republican led Congress.
The Republicans wasted no time after the Paris attacks jumping on the bandwagon to peddle fear and spread their nastiness, their pettiness, their cruelty and their cluelessness.
I lean heavily towards Democrats, but I occasionally vote republican when I think that they have the better candidate. However; Republicans have moved to be an unpalatable party for my tastes. There are some barriers that have kept me from voting republican over the past few years...
Will a two party presidential ticket save the day for the United States?
According to Michele Bachmann, Barack Obama needs to be credited with hastening the end times.
Is the United States able to withstand and survive these Tea Party candidates and their so called agendas to save America?
Has the United States reached the end of the line with this next Presidential election?
It turns out that Republican politicians are very poor prognosticators.
When it comes down to the real issues confronting the American nation, voters are showing very little interest in the solutions offered by Republicans.
An examination of the mid-term elections for the Senate, House of Representatives and State Governorships.
Mid terms elections 2014 were a resounding rebuke of Obama, his policies and agenda.
The Republicans have replaced the Democrats as the strongest power in the upper house of the US Congress. This will make the governance of President Obama very difficult.
Why is Voter ID such a big deal? It should be kept intact to keep voting process fair just like any other process that requires identification to make sure you are you!
The American public's approval of the Republican Party keeps tanking, as it has been for several years now. In response, the party keeps trying to rebrand itself. It's not working.
Been out looking for work but can't find a job? Well, it's all because you're lazy. Just ask a Republican.
Obama sucks at his job and people are beginning to notice it. Mid-term elections will most likely see Democrats lose the Senate; they lost the House in 2010 mid-term elections!
Political Humor: Any time there is an incident which is not pleasing to either the Left or Right, a conspiracy is born. Perhaps conspiracies have wings because they seem to fly around fairly quickly.
Lately, Obama has been sending barbs to anyone disagreeing with him with the result of him sounding like a street thug instead of a president.
An opinion piece about voting in the upcoming elections.
Hardware stores offer solutions to problems that may not even exist. Maybe they were invented by a Democrat.
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