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A look at the double standards of powerful officials who are involved in cheating, resume theft and corporate espionage, who refuse to acknowledge their mistake, and complain when their victim will protest against their fraud
How the cunning top officials in the indian internet sector rewards liar and blackmailers for making false allegations against a harmless innocent single woman engineer to destroy her reputation, career and finances
In addition to bribes and recruitment scams,fake cases against innocent people are widely used to destroy competition and a form of corruption where the officials are less likely to be penalized
The publication of a statement which may impugn another persons reputation or is intended to lower their esteem in the eyes of right-thinking people can be adjudged to be defamatory. Writers must be careful of every accusation that they make.
It is not only essential for the companies to protect their online reputation, but individuals also need to hire reputation management services. Celebrities, politicians, business executives have a strong image in the online world, and if their misleading images are posted on Google o...
Summary of a few tools to build your online brand.
This is a long conversational poem centered on stereotyping a group of people or a race. In most cases, the victims are the sufferers while in some rare cases the perpetrators suffer too. Stereotyping a group of people only shows a low class of the individual involved.
Goodbye is the hardest word to say. This is a poem coming from someone who is about to leave an environment he is so attached to.
okemon may be 11 years old but it’s gaining back reputation with Pokemon white and black series and who knows it may be next legendary one.
You have to build your on line reputation to have recognition, to have your on line presence felt and to earn more.
But getting stuck with a terrible reputation that's just plain wrong is an altogether easy thing -- in fact, it's too easy.
The privileged status which greenback enjoys is the resultant of politico-economic standing of its country. Strength of a currency is dependent on the financial capabilities and reputation of the geographic unit it represents and not vice-versa.
They wondered why the parents had named and called him ermetes despite antagonistic moves and bad attitudes from both sides –the backbiters as reputation destroyers. They are called the persons behind the mask and the batter.
This page is about getting and managing a good reputation and image among other persons
Have you ever wondered about the importance of names? Your name could give you status in some places, and it can bring you down in others. Find out why a good name is valued more than precious rubies and diamonds.
This is Poetry in letter form to a friend whom has been hurt and betrayed. This poetry signifies a plea for mercy and forgiveness with the Hope the offender would be accepted back. I tried to make it as simple as possible bringing out its meaning so explicitly. No rhymes, no manipulat...
Have you ever judged a person without really knowing anything about them? Have you ever heard a rumor about a person, or a company and took it for face value without investigating it yourself? It is not a good thing to do, but we still do it all the time.
Freedom is not always about the things we are allowed to do under the name "freedom".
An island investing in its people, who makes it proud as they migrate. They keep that focus on its shores.
Lies can desrtoy people's lives and cause so much pain and distress.
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