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kneeling posture is not as important as our attitude, the appropriate way is to be honest and sincere, God loves a person who is open to correction, not a pious person or a know it all individual.
A poem about a son's recollection of his mother's life on the occasion of her funeral.
This books takes place in British Columbia along the west coast. Directly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, thousands of Japanese were uprooted and moved inland 150 miles up in the mountains .... their boats and homes confiscated. This is a story about life in the camps and...
An unexpected re-emrgence of an acquaintance from a previous life begins the tale.
~ I am struck by the feather ~ of your soft reply ~ Jim Morrison ~ the bluebird carries the sky on his back ~ Nietzsche ~ we're not in Wonderland anymore Alice ~ Charles Manson ~ leave no black plume as a token ~ Poe ~ bullets & feathers together ~ WW ~
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