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No matter how busy one gets, one must always remember to help save the animals. Save them from all the cruel, cruel human beings who want to kill them for anything other than survival. Well actually I'm probably oversensitive about the subject and animals can and may indeed be hunte...
Mom drove Robert to the corner gas station to make the anonymous police report. Molly went along for moral support. They are back home waiting for a news update on the underground garage. If there is anyone in the abandoned building, hopefully the first responders will find them.
I feel blessed to have siblings. We made many memories together. There's one in particular that my brother loves to share; the day I saved his life.
Danielle is sick with worry. Max has been missing for two day. The newscasters are referring to the flood as the hundred year flood. Danielle's grandfather used to speak of a flood like this when he was a little boy.
The rains have turned into a flood in the valley. Max and Jake have gone out in the storm. The farmhouse is on a hill and Danielle has remained behind where she is safe. She has spent a sleepless night waiting for Max's return.
Sam stopped at the food pantry to drop off a delivery to Miss Jane. He dropped off a letter for Max from Danielle and informed him about what he found out about Bobby's mother. Max listened quietly.
The announcement by the government of the United Kingdom that it will no longer support efforts to save refugee migrants on the Mediterranean Sea is shocking.
It was a cloudy day. At noon I was walking alone, suddenly I heard fearful shouts of some children. I rushed to the source of the sound. It was the bank of a nearby pond. Four children were shouting loudly standing there
Have you ever thought how often we take things and people for granted?
What happens when it rains, and rains, and rains? Disaster!
Animals are beings that deserve the same level of ethical treatment as humans.
Due to heavy cold storm in Sanlurfa province of Turkey, Four Donkeys could not manage shelter in the storm. They are Frozen condition, but some villagers provide and saved the donkeys in the storm.
Being a firefighter, I have responded to hundreds of fire calls in my work as a fireman in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, this is one of the fire calls we encountered.
Part 1 of a story of courage, rescue and the inherent drive to love and be loved.
Search aircraft Mozambique Airlines (LAM) which allegedly crashed in Namibia, started.
Why you should adopt animals from shelters and the benefits of having an older pet
With Kevin trapped in an ice cave under the snow, who will save him? Well, help can come from strange directions....
Here is a short story about myself, my work and the things I love to do.
A short story about an old lonely lady and the rescued dog that loves her.
A true story about a bunch of ladies and their attempt at rescuing a helpless little creature.
We travel through life holding tight to our past. These experiences may have had a purpose at one point and have shaped who we are, how we feel, but there comes a time when you have to let go. A clean slate, just like the freshly fallen snow, you are free to create new path.
The three survey is conducting the counting river dolphins in Ganga river, Utterpradesh ,India by the team of WWF and Forest Department.
Black Cats seldom get adopted from animal shelters, as such in 2011 Wayne H. Morris started a Facebook campaign aimed at calling attention to the plight of black cats.
A hero is someone who performs heroic acts. A heroic act being an action showing extreme courage; especially of actions courageously undertaken in desperation as a last resort. I like to think of a hero as being a man (or woman) who does what a man (or woman) has to do when the need a...
the resurgence of the golden period seems impossible for the great mascot of European Union in foreseeable time.
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