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About fifteen years ago, I met yet another chick to talk to online. Those were the days the internet was still new and exciting, and ordinary, decent folks were to be found in certain chat rooms, whereas today you only get perverts and predators wanting things not for general convers...
This entry talks about repression and resentment, especially from a broken relationship.
This page summarizes how to deal with resentments. It tells how I have dealt with them for years and stay stress free as a result.
Aggression, insensitivity, and betrayal can take numerous forms and hurt us in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. Many of these events leave us with continuous resentment and anger. Forgiveness protects us against the imperfect behavior of people around us, provided we understan...
Again, I began with a word preoccupation (this time, 'resent'). Why do my poems seem to stem from these? Hmm.
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