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An inclusive take and a shared journey can propel us to higher realms of coexistence. Every New Year implores us to strengthen our resolve to forge ahead leaving behind the hurts of the past. We have come thus far with some luck and nature playing its part more than we care to admit. ...
Listening to Jeff Lynne inspired me to write this for we all know women of this especially who crawls over our pages here ...a slimy winey worm indeed...
PTSD and its effects follows all soldiers, some more than others, and we should be aware of its effects!
Life thrives in acceptance of unity in diversity and that is based on live and let live. Modern technology helps to drive home positive vibes and there is no need to resort to wars that only heap misery on the most hapless and helpless.
Thoughts regarding the Author's recurring bout against Seafood Allergy.
Despite our fear of the outcome, we have to put an end to bad relationships.
Enlightenment is the carrot those who seek understanding strive for. It is not a prize to place on the Shelf of Accomplishment, but a golden light on the horizon leading the way to unending possibility.
In this essay I have tried to evoke an interest into the youngsters to believe in themselves and work towards developing themselves into productive members of their society. The resolve to perform is, in my view, the need for today--a necessity to fight the battle of this economic rec...
I got bored in a motel room a while ago and scrawled down a brief philosophical/ecological rant. Here 'tis.
All of us have heard our parents or teachers quote this as an example. Thought this will refresh our brains as it is true even now.
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