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Malaysia is indeed an Islamic finance haven in the present era, but the nation's journey from being a British ruled colony to transforming into a thriving market-led economy is also an interesting one. Let's delve into the journey of this vibrant Asian economy from gaining independenc...
As the grab for natural resouces in the Amazon continues formerly isolated indigenous groups in Brazil and Peru are being forced into conact with modern civilization, often with tragic results.
University life can be hard. Money worries, making friends, fending for yourself in the big wide world (how do you work the washing machine again?) This page is designed to make your life that little bit easier. Here's a list of tips and resources for you to bookmark.
The march of science and technology is gathering speed but our base, foundation, remains primitive. Only an inclusive journey – the oneness of creation embellished with the uniqueness in each of us – can carry the day. There is no one size fits all in the creative process that we ...
Listen to the inner voice for passion, guidance and encouragement. We have to move on with a spirit of inquiry to better our lot and by playing our role as co-creators. Our quest for an inclusive ride will soothe the nerves of those who feel left out and even encourage them to join th...
A look at how indian intelligence agencies have perfected the art of wasting the best of indian engineering talent, due to corruption, nepotism and sleaze, to ensure that india remains poor
It may sound obvious that people need water to live, but some folks don't seem to agree on this.
The classic duality of creation is at play all the time keeping us alive while goading us to be positive co-creators in our epic journey. The challenge does not exclude anyone, anything.
Positive and negative effects of oil drilling in Alaska. There are positive effects as well as negative effects of oil drilling in Alaska. One positive effect is that oil drilling in Alaska can reduce the American dependency on foreign oil.
To create a "rich winner", we must first think like "rich winners" at all levels. Nothing else will do. Thought and spiritual energy is the cause, value and matter are the effects. Nothing else matters. In fact, thought is spiritual energy and controls value and matter as a whole.
We are slowly but surely embracing a lifestyle far removed from what we were used to. Are we becoming less human but more individualistic, selfish, even robotic in our thinking and action?
The long-term exploitation of ecosystems and species, particularly of the terrestrial and aquatic fauna upon which millions of natural communities and many industrial activities depend.
Some of you are here for the Community spirit, which is second to none here in wikinut. others are here to try and make a living as well as working elsewhere but how do you make writing online a success?
The education market place is always in need of fresh and interesting materials for the classroom, at all levels. This article is designed to help writers with an interest in education to consider the potential for writing for this marketplace.
Project is a schedule of activities in which resources are allocated at present for getting certain benefits in the future. It is planned investment efforts to bring into physical existence facilities within stipulated time and cost, to produce over a long period, goods and services t...
Democracy and Freedom go hand in hand. Sadly, they have proven to be elusive to vast majority when few call the tune whoever is in power. The lofty ideal of government of the people,by the people and for the people remains a mirage for most. Time for the next positive step.
A look at what role water plays in our lives. From the role of cleaning the atmosphere to cleasning our skins, this also looks at how water makes this author feel. It explains how powerful, yet also gentle water can be, It is more intended for the individuals who take water for grante...
A majority of the time a successful business isn’t standing solely on the founder’s back. Strong businesses may start that way, but over time they grow to be a mix of not only the product or service offered, but the individuals working to deliver that product or service. Hiring th...
Despite our stunning progress in Science and Technology, we relapse into basic instincts of hatred and vengeance. Rabble-rousing by few brings out raw emotions that threaten to become full blown wars to spell the destruction of our nurturing planet. And much promise nipped in the bud ...
For 250 years we have been polluting the planet in order to achieve the fantastic quality of life we have today. Can we afford to continue to do so? Are there any alternatives?
This article is about the natural resources which is our treasure of living
We should always pay the respect and make sure the earth's resources are sustainable
A contingency, pleasant or harmful, may arise in our life. It would be prudent to be prepared to meet such contingencies.
People will have to dig deeper into consciousness to prevent the catastrophe of losing their self respect, a compromise in the independence of struggle for financial survival, it will require the exercise of integrity and self will to hold out when the going gets tough. Foreclosure an...
A new BSOD (Best Software Of The Day) review. This time we present you, AyRecovery Lite.
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