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My desires and hopes ...Carol, Ma’am... my most respected lady Authoress on WIKI Life is like a coin Verse is soft and sweet be happy NOW READ ON PLEASE....
It's a piece of prose with some sprinklings of morality in the tale. It's about how people are treated and these, like many others are treated badly. A mighty warrior of a man regains the respect and dignity back to their world and with that new recognition that they are people with f...
Do you find it hard to apologize when you have offended someone? It’s not always easy but is worth the effort to maintain a healthy relationship.
Words! is a poem that will encourage and teach you how to build and encourage others.
This is our writing site, of which as members, we have a shared devotion to. That's why we write, read, and communicate with each other here on a daily basis. We want to enjoy being here, and for that to be achieved, there has to be harmony. Read on to find out more...
Often, we overlook SMALL things that can make a BIG difference in a child's life. When a child is constantly getting into trouble it can be for a lot of reasons, and there are often simple solutions to help redirect a child's mindset....
It describes the way in which people should relate to each other, gives opinions and condemns violence while also taking a look at respect and how it influences relatiionships
Our thoughts, activities, attitudes, kindness and helping nature will create an image of us among others and people will give respect to us based on the image
Its a poem about how a poet sees mother as a woman. She is one of the most ideal person in life when we look at her as more than just a woman. Yes, she is more than the suns and the moons. Thanks!
Imagine having a good business, how will you maintain it for long. The most disappointing event would be investing massive capital into your business but end up completely bankrupt.
Setting personal boundaries is essential when it comes to our relationship with others. Boundaries is defined as the physical and emotional space we put between ourselves and others so they don't intrude in our personal life without our consent.
An article about forum etiquette and keeping a forum together on the topic without utilizing threatrics or emotionalism
Cell phones seems to be the way the majority of people communicate with one another these days. From adults all the way down to school age children, cell phones are popular amongst all ages. As they are great for keeping in touch with family, friends,work and most importantly if y...
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