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Go grab yourself some coffee and join me in my little venting ... You ever have one of them days when everything is going wrong? Can't get anything to go right? Why does everything have to be such a struggle or a battle? Can't anything now and then go right or relatively easy? Here...
Parenting is the most neglected role in the modern social lifestyle. Parents today have to face great challenges which had been unknown in the past. Parents should be ready to make their children take up responsibilities and do things without any intervention.
Pay negotiation skill can be achieved through proper training . Articulation of words is an important component of negotiation skill. The negotiators should have thorough knowledge of market economy, comparisons of inter -organisations and intra -organisations of t...
I called it, way back in the day of April 30, 2013, on a site came to be known as the bubble-ooze. I'm moving it here: Who knew I'd ever say there were any politicians with a lick of sense? Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) and Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) are pushing for legislation to d...
Sleep is beautiful and healthy when it comes at the right time. Does the habit of sleeping the whole time help your health? Will it not be harmful? Is sleepwalk good for health? Christian life is not a sleepwalk.
How does the child deal with entering a new household and how do you adjust your lives to accommodate that child?
The common mistakes we normally make is to reject inevitable responsibilities but with the eagerness to transfer it to others irrespective of what they are to us. I went you to remain in suspense until you finish reading this article.
This poem addresses the sensitive issue of teenage pregnancy. It explores the feelings of both the mother and father of the unborn child. Furthermore it reflects on teens' sexual attitudes and behaviour.
Today, 19 November, is observed as the International Men’s day. It is an occasion to think of men who are running around to make their dependendents live happily. Men care for their wives and children. They should be honored in family and society. A happy wife or mom at home can ma...
My first poem here. It's about new born baby and responsibilities.
Moving on with motherhood after disappearance of the baby's father.
Will marriage upgrade from being an endangered species to becoming extinct?
Middle age people are matured and have lot of responsibilities in their life. Starting from 30 years to 50 years is considered as middle age.
The film I watched a couple of days back called my attention to the present need of this country. “Inside Job” released in 2010 provides a comprehensive analysis of the global financial issues and how America is entangled in it.
Everyone are born with responsibilities. There is nothing we can do to get rid of them.
Know the basic roles of each family members. Performing the roles expected of each member can lead to family harmony and happiness.
When there is illness in the family it is important to know how to make the patient comfortable, what diet to prepare and what to do while the doctor has not arrived.
Editor’s job is a great acrobatic walk between the writer and the readers. He has to connect all for better results.
EMT’s, paramedics and firefighters are always responding to emergency medical calls and being in this profession of the emergency medical services these first responders have legal responsibilities that they must always be aware and always consider.
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