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Retail lending benefits all the parties involved in the lending process, namely the retailer, lender and consumer. While retailers benefit from increasing sales and revenues, consumers can purchase the products they require at the moment and lenders take advantage of the profit derive...
A fierce controversy on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail seems to be gaining ground ever since the policy was announced. The question on everyone’s mind is “Will FDI in retail displace the kirana stores”? The answer is a clear " NO".
I wonder how many customers are put off by the attitude of retail workers?!
~my father was a one-legged drunken roofer~when I was 12-years-old he passed out on a roof we were working on~he rolled off the edge~hung from the gutter~his prosthetic leg fell off~the customer fired us~
~Contemplating critters~mother gone to the faraway~laughable job interviews~cats & dogs & snakes & bugs~an iguana in the bathtub~its tail broke off~
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