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The pen is mightier than the sword, but our power of speech comes from The Lord
Great or small, crime is bad, it feels bad to the victim, and it creates bad effects on at least an unconscious level for the criminal. Sure, I will make this simple and make this brief on what this series of articles will be about: Crime, karma, and nobody dishonest gets away with an...
Wisdom of age brings many lessons that I share although some hate what I do as I have found out from my friends continue I will to write the way I do and always will...enjoy...
The Avenging Angel..a vigilante, a protector, a forceful warrior striking out against the practice of evil deeds..though sometimes we find that there are Avenging Angels, who on the surface, do not emanate the angelic aura we would identify with in this role. Read on to find out more....
Some people ended up doing evil things because of their environment. This is one classic example here.
They seek you here, they seek you there...oh yes my friends, what we do, have done seeks us out wherever we are and then we have to handle our creation..make retribution...there is no escape!!!!!
A healthy senior-junior relationship is always beneficial to any organization or a family.
This is a short haiku that describes a choice to choose love and forgiveness, over Anger.
This is a poem which highlights what many fail to consider
This retribution paladin pvp arena Talent Spec is a spec that puts out a lot of damage and has ok survivability. There is little variation in ret specs.
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