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Taste towards colors has close association with characters. Colors can also change your moods. The color you apply on your nail reveals many things about you.
Inner beauty is the beauty that does not have a relationship with age.
A surprising and previously unknown fact, one made in a dramatic way or otherwise, the making known, the fact or truth of a secret or the unknown.The "Revelations of love" consists of 20 poems- WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Drug abuse is increasing in the globalized world. Fast communication, easy availability of information, and profit oriented underground mafia are some causes for the increase in drug abuse. Consumption of illegal drugs is spreading all over the world at a great speed.
Making it through the trail of difficulties can bring blessings, a purpose and even a calling and often leads on to maturity.
The Holy Trinity is the symbol of Love. God loved humanity so much that He Himself was born to live as human and is still present in every heart through the Spirit of Love.
I am not necessarily referring to artistic creativity. Many people think that creativity is producing a new creation of some type.
November PAD Challenge Day 17- Reveals Something. Dedicated to those who have been bullied and/or those against bullying.
It is clearly a message from Jesus Christ to his apostle John to pass on to seven churches in Asia Minor, in what is today western Turkey: Revelation says we must overcome the world rather than allow it to overcome us
Do you know me..? Really know me...? You may think that you do, but people have so many layers....How can you tell when you have reached the final one? This face that you see, may be nothing more than the mask I wish to display to you...for now......
There was a man in the USA – called Mr. Van Doren - in the 1950s who won more than $100,000 on the show. How did he do it? The answer is shocking.
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