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This poem is about how; it can be hard to trust people. We can have a hard time, telling the truth to people. We do lie, though, it is better to tell the truth.
The article tells us the how the typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) destroyed properties, washed out many houses and killed 3, 621 lives of Filipinos in the Philippines.
Depression is the second largest cause of disability in the world, after back pain, according to a study.
The giant rock, 4.6 kilometers long and 1.9 kilometers wide, rose to 7 million miles of our planet The asteroid Toutatis, which was discovered in 1989 by astronomers, made ​​its closest approach to Earth in four years on Wednesday and revealed NASA images obtained by the Goldstone...
I am not necessarily referring to artistic creativity. Many people think that creativity is producing a new creation of some type.
We all show a Face to the world, don a particular mask... but sometimes we can do it to each other too... When the trust is complete, when you feel safe and respected...the mask fades away, and reveals the Real You inside...
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