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Seasonal poem for Hallowe'en. Silly and frivolous.
“Mike. I think you’re indirectly challenging me with your rhyming way with words, so I’ve decided to hold a contest.
Those little ditties, we sometimes call tongue-twisters, that perhaps you remember as amusing you when you were younger, but they are an interesting tool used to provide curiosity, rhyme and intrigue when used in speech or writing, this linguistic tool has been widely used In poetry, ...
He doesn't know ... He doesn't know. He doesn't know ...
A reflection on the way we have treated the world. I am not convinced by 'the science' that the main threat we face comes from carbon dioxide emitted by human activity, in fact I think that is just a diversion to steer attention away from the serious harm we are doing to our planet th...
Truth and Lies, One found, another lost To be found again, All through cyberspace.
Riddles and Poems, Left to be unknown. Hard to see, what they see. Rather left hidden, then to be known.
Riddles and Poems, Left to be unknown. Hard to see, what they see. Rather left hidden, then to be known.
Poetry, a passion. Poetry, bound by words. Poetry, lost by the moment. Poetry, a puzzle, to be found.
Poems without punctuations, Read as one line, Divided by their own.
A trick used before. A riddle to look twice. For that you can find, A new word is bind. Obvious before, By the earth of life I showed. If you can't find the road, Research what been unload.
A light, Searching for his master, Waiting in the shadows, To be rebuild.
You like a little rap, Alright lets clap, Give it a slap, O wait, snap. There was this thing, I wanted to bring. So lets give it a swing, And let this story begin!
My attempt to place my feelings in poetry and rhyme
A poem on life. Things which I noticed in my 22 years of life summed up in a nutshell. You will surely like it and feel getting related to it for sure.
Esoteric Poetry for Mind Expansion and Spiritual Unification
Christmas is under attack with the politically correct thought police banning everything that might offend anyone and scientists saying Christmas Cards are unscientific but us pagans have a way of surviving. Good Yule everyone. There are a few notes on names of full moons, another pa...
The search begins anew for a love. When one is lost, another must be found, as we are creatures in need of love!
Why we fight for our country! As soldiers, we have pledged to defend, even to our deaths, this country!
God gave us the greatest gift of all, his love and salvation, and he started that with the birth of Jesus, which we celebrate at Christmas!
On this 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, we humbly remember a better, more sacred time in our nation’s history, filled with blood, and the tatters of a great man’s legacy!
Transcendental rhythmic poetry to expand your consciousness and inspire perceptual freedom. My hopes is for my works to invoke in any soul who engages their awareness with the words I write to experience their own pure presence, fully exist boundlessly NOW, if only for the moment.
A poem about skin; it's intricacies, beauty, curses, and relationship to the world
Spooky poems for Hallloween fun. Nothing here that should be taken seriously, but there is quite a lot of clever rhyming and one insane spoof of the Scottish poet William Topaz McGonagall (reputedly the worst English language poet ever published)
The changing of the leaves in the Fall is such a beautiful experience!
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