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Let's go fishing into potato salad, because you never know what you may catch! This is a poem I wrote for all the kids who have a huge imagination at lunch time!
This poem is about a person i.e. me who loves a girl so much that he just cannot explain but is trying to express it through his poetry. This poem is for the beautiful love of my life.
A story about, A call out, With no doubt, A cry shout. From inside, I cried, Not denied, What it means to provide.
A word about songs, Words for a Purpose. About Life and Love. Songs written with Feelings.
Two brief poems, Another here, Another there, More to share.
Riddles and Poems, Left to be unknown. Hard to see, what they see. Rather left hidden, then to be known.
Riddles and Poems, Left to be unknown. Hard to see, what they see. Rather left hidden, then to be known.
Poetry, a passion. Poetry, bound by words. Poetry, lost by the moment. Poetry, a puzzle, to be found.
Poems without punctuations, Read as one line, Divided by their own.
A trick used before. A riddle to look twice. For that you can find, A new word is bind. Obvious before, By the earth of life I showed. If you can't find the road, Research what been unload.
A light, Searching for his master, Waiting in the shadows, To be rebuild.
You like a little rap, Alright lets clap, Give it a slap, O wait, snap. There was this thing, I wanted to bring. So lets give it a swing, And let this story begin!
This is a synopsis of my poetry book for children. It includes some of the first poetry I wrote. I decided to put these poems in a collection and self publish them.
This is a poem about Woodsman's son and his fiddle. He loves to play and he plays as much as he can.
This poem is symbolic in it's presentation - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Performing Vocal singing and visualizing rhymes to your baby and reciting with your kid is also a great way of bonding with them. This greatly enhances your loving relationship with your kid and boosts their self esteem.
The question we all wonder., will anyone remember me. The wishing wells reflection of time and mortality by a loved one. The memory of a past love .. will it always be?.. Questions of what we leave behind to a friend, lover, spouse are asked when we close our eyes forever.
“Mike. I think you’re indirectly challenging me with your rhyming way with words, so I’ve decided to hold a contest. I challenge that I can beat you by outrhyming you. If you win, you can continue the way you are. And if you lose, then you will never ever talk to me in rhyme aga...
The freelance world is a scary world to be entering in to.The battle of proposals between yourself and other writers online who have been in the game for years pushing over 1000 jobs with magnificent earnings can leave you feeling a little down and out. Discouraging as it may seem the...
Political poems/rhymes that touch and social issues intertwined with thought provoking questions
My favorite children's author is Roald Dahl. I based this children's rhyme on what I have learnt from his work especially the classic Revolting Rhymes. I really hope to have a collection of children's rhymes and stories to publish one day.- We can all dream......
Happy National poetry Day Everyone. This Years Chosen Theme Is 'STARS'
This is a children's rhyme story about a pig which had no tail . He wanted to be like the other pigs with their curly tails
just a stream of consciousness sort of thing really.
This song was written because of a beautiful little girl of 5 years who has the ability to light up your heart with her smile, and you just breathe in the rainbow! I am always looking for someone to put it to music, if you are interested please let me know. Thanks for reading, hope yo...
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