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A short poem describing a visit to a liitle shop and an escape from winter.
Random rhyming about a random friendship. A friendship that was never meant to be.
A story about, A call out, With no doubt, A cry shout. From inside, I cried, Not denied, What it means to provide.
Riddles and Poems, Left to be unknown. Hard to see, what they see. Rather left hidden, then to be known.
Poetry, a passion. Poetry, bound by words. Poetry, lost by the moment. Poetry, a puzzle, to be found.
A trick used before. A riddle to look twice. For that you can find, A new word is bind. Obvious before, By the earth of life I showed. If you can't find the road, Research what been unload.
You like a little rap, Alright lets clap, Give it a slap, O wait, snap. There was this thing, I wanted to bring. So lets give it a swing, And let this story begin!
Transcendental rhythmic poetry to expand your consciousness and inspire perceptual freedom. My hopes is for my works to invoke in any soul who engages their awareness with the words I write to experience their own pure presence, fully exist boundlessly NOW, if only for the moment.
This is a poem I wrote about shame taking control of my entire being. Shame is the speaker in the poem, and it holds nothing back.
written many years ago about my high school sweetheart... she was princess and i was prince.... married for over 20 yrs.... 3 beautiful children all grown up.. I miss you!
My favorite children's author is Roald Dahl. I based this children's rhyme on what I have learnt from his work especially the classic Revolting Rhymes. I really hope to have a collection of children's rhymes and stories to publish one day.- We can all dream......
I read a post this morning about poetry. It brought up the fact that many (not all) Poems from the late great poets had great timing and meter and yes indeed did rhyme. I decided to bring some of my rhymers here for those like me.. Us Old timers love the rhymers.
This is a cute, rhyming poem that you will enjoy reading.
Just bought a new house but can't move in till I get married in April so written a I do. I am there a lot but don't sleep there yet, excited for April.
A collection of poems about people using rhyming couplets for some of them.
I got a little bored one night and had writer's block. So, I wrote about the problem and found the solution.
Come and enjoy the wildlife of the lake. My little piece of peace and how I love to start my mornings with the animals of the lake.
1. A quick poem about self image, and the frustration of looking at your reflection and seeing something you despise. 2. Just a couple of short acrostics about emotions we're all familiar with.
~22 sorrows~the blood faith begins~may count your head forfeit~the 33rd sin~
Rural homesteads all have a tale to tell; some of those tales are darker than others.
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