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I wrote a poem after having first child and thought it only fair to write one for my second child too! Life has become twice as interesting!
Random rhyming about a random friendship. A friendship that was never meant to be.
Elemental path is making Cogni toys for kids, the plastic cogni toy Dinosour made by Elemental path connected with IBM's Watson falsely savvy PC framework. It's likewise a learning device, which captivates the tyke in instructive play for spelling, rhyming, vocabulary, and number jug...
Riddles and Poems, Left to be unknown. Hard to see, what they see. Rather left hidden, then to be known.
Riddles and Poems, Left to be unknown. Hard to see, what they see. Rather left hidden, then to be known.
You like a little rap, Alright lets clap, Give it a slap, O wait, snap. There was this thing, I wanted to bring. So lets give it a swing, And let this story begin!
Transcendental rhythmic poetry to expand your consciousness and inspire perceptual freedom. My hopes is for my works to invoke in any soul who engages their awareness with the words I write to experience their own pure presence, fully exist boundlessly NOW, if only for the moment.
Very windy day today so thought I'd write my observations into a poem, enjoy!
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written many years ago about my high school sweetheart... she was princess and i was prince.... married for over 20 yrs.... 3 beautiful children all grown up.. I miss you!
A cute little children's poem with a catchy beat....not sure how many parents would share it with their kids though... and A flash fiction piece with a great twist
A collection of poems about people using rhyming couplets for some of them.
1. A quick poem about self image, and the frustration of looking at your reflection and seeing something you despise. 2. Just a couple of short acrostics about emotions we're all familiar with.
A poem about procrastination, as the author is quite a procrastinator.
When the days turn dark and the night more darker, a ray of hope is what we believe in.
Do not try to hold it in your hands.. Let it go on, let it move on..
63 years of Independent India, but are we really Independent??
A rather confusing poem about the most complex race on the planet. As with all of my stuff it's coming directly from my head brain so if I go completly off track please just run with it. :)
A day cleaning up my messed up house, which is really so tiring job.
Words from an old family chair about the days it spent in a house.
"A fairy-tale moment.. What my eyes see, is not true.. But only, the illusions of you."
This is a clever little sonnet I wrote about school. It refers to "magnet" which is just an advanced placement school..
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