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A recipe for home-made rice porridge, a nutritional food as well as easy to cook.
This is a recipe that I use to spice up baked beans.
Another Chicken Idea because chicken can be so boring but yet such a quick fix.
This "How to" is a introduction to a new series of articles on cooking tips
I was actually wondering what to have for Tea (dinner) when this recipe came to mind. I have not cooked this for a while so it made a nice change. It was as nice as I remembered :)
The chayote, also known as a chow-chow (and by many other names!) is a member of the gourd family, and makes a simple and tasty vegetarian risotto. Serves 4.
Cooking Rice does not have to be boring, jazz it up, make Rice Florentine !
Here is a quick, easy to prepare, Asian inspired, stir fry dish that is has a nice taste to it. You should be able to prepare the entire dish in less than a half hour.
Rice is the edible grain from a plant also called Rice. Scientifically, Rice is an annual grass in the grass family, Poaceae (formerly Gramineae). Asian rice is classified as Oryza sativa and African rice as Oryza glaberrima.
Easy-peasy Paella for 4! Think Paella is a difficult dish to prepare? Think again. This recipe takes approx half hour including the prep time. Add extra veg to easily get your 5-day allocatin!! Enjoy.
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