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I have heard it said that there is never a wrong time to say, or to do the right thing. Is this right though? This article explores this question in relation to spiritual law, balance, timing, and the way that things are said, or done.
We all have emergency situations in life and existence. But are we going to be taken up a level by them, or step down in fear? Today, (as always) I chose to be taken up a level instead of step down in fear and not follow through. But, the point to this article is there is always a cho...
This is all about knowing the value of people around us when they already gone. We don't notice those who loves us until they are out in our life.
This is a short prayer written in poetic form for today - that comes from my heart .
Something may be right today and may be wrong tomorrow. As could be seen, they are not fixed entities. We can not label- this is right- this is not right
There is definitely no reason why a church, an organization that claims to represent Jesus Christ, should be leading this charge.
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