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Life and all of its work is like a flight plan that needs constant course corrections all the time, especially when you seem to etch all your plans in the "stone of reality". Think about it, though, plans are really just guides, not something to be perfectly followed all of the time. ...
When you genuinely say and mean "I am responsible", that is the ultimate upward turning point in life. Other than that, everything else is directionless craziness.
We all have emergency situations in life and existence. But are we going to be taken up a level by them, or step down in fear? Today, (as always) I chose to be taken up a level instead of step down in fear and not follow through. But, the point to this article is there is always a cho...
They have songs about Vanessa William and many others have done this song!'s even a metaphor in comparison to Dinner...Dessert is usually the last to be consumed because it's the BEST!
Lawyer Linah Kigen zeroes in on the nagging question of succession, rape, domestic violence and general human rights violations against women.
We are all proud of our nation and its development.But is our country really developing?
poem about the choice being up to one to decide to do the right thing while paying the price should be a wake up call .
Think before you speak. Don't allow ~ just whatever thought that comes into your head ~ to proceed out of your mouth.
The rise of fascism and votes for right wing parties
All about the RTI (Right to Information) Act.A power given to citizen of India to question the governance of an organisation.Its significance and awareness needs to spread at every level of our society.
So here was a revelation of how the application of the law was measured in the lives of the people, God stands on the wall that was made by a plum line with a plumb line in his hand, he is not there to build upon what was already build he was there to pull down what was of inferior st...
About Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn “Hemingway says: All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called ‘Huckleberry Finn’. It is the best we have had. All American writing comes from that. There was nothing before. There has been nothing good since.”
A gentle word can melt the hardest heart. Few gentle and kind words can tame even more vicious and ruthless people and animals are no exception.
This millennium marks the church age of humankind and it is not a rejecting fact that more and more Christian churches are dispersing yet they always love to compete and debate with each other’s side. The question is that are we killing God because of preachers?
Ethics is somehow related to the field of Economics. As economics deals with labor, wages, production, as well as distribution of wealth, Ethics as a science somehow acts in the different relations in the business processes.
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