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Risk implies uncertainty of profits or danger of loss due to some unforeseen events in the future. An entrepreneur may encounter risks in every area or function of a business through proper preventive and corrective measures of risk management.
As in every organization, there are set backs in banks and these need to be tackled or handled carefully as its not the problem of a single entity but the whole organization and the customers of the banks.
The primary purpose of risk measurement is to help identify the source of risk, quantify the risk, and then control the risk within a given portfolio.
this episode talks about risk management which is a key thing in Forex.i have expounded on the risk management aspects and will give more on my following more for more information
Life is a series of risks. If we are afraid to take the risk we will lose out on the inherent rewards.
Business decisions related to "Risk Retention" have a direct impact on the profitability of the organization.
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