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Will having sex with a virgin give you the elixir of life?
A poem that I wrote a while ago after a day of being in nature. Comments are open.
I'm a firm believer in natural beauty. I do not believe it should be hidden under copious amount of makeup. I agree beauty can be enhanced. But subtly.
Marriages are made in heaven !That is what we have been saying and believing since many long years.Tie the knot and there goes the couple, full of faith and affection. But what makes the bonding so brilliantly strong and attached to one another ?
Know how I'll sow my Marijuana pot this year to avoid disappointment.
This post deals with the growth of primitive man into a cultured and civilized man due to advancement of science and technology.
Nepal is a beautiful country. If you miss it, you have seen very little from this earth.
Do you still believe witches can kill with the spells they cast? Then why are people able to kill those witches?
Child labour has been in the society right from the beginning. "This" started due to the difference in lifestyle of the rich from the poor and it is rightly said and observed that 'The rich becomes richer, while the poor becomes poorer'. What can we do to stop child labour?
We have quite a good number of religions around the world and each religion has its own rituals which are based on some legend or on some other reasons. Most of the religions insist on following them strictly while some others are giving freedom to choose. Many such rituals have been ...
People in Brodilova in the souther easter part of Bulgaria are following a Bizzare dog spinning ritual to avoid rabies
As the day breaks with the rising sun, life is stirred into receptive action - one flower (and one being) at a time.
It is time for Santa. It is time for enjoying days with Santa. Santa and his elves are already at your doorsteps. Meet them and share your days with them.
A short essay on Ethnocentrism and how it relates to body adornment, gift-giving, culture and societies, with a main example of The Hmong people, who first emigrated to the United States in the 1980's.
This short epic depicts a parallel universe, containing a strong northern-british/european setting 'round the late middle ages, as well as some more recent settings (London in the 1800s). It follows the life of Jack the Ripper, his rise to power through the occult, and ultimately his ...
The performance of Veni Dhanam at the Triveni Sangamam is a vital part of the Kasi pilgrimage
Sacred atmosphere surrounding the hall. When the nine dancers entered the hall, the atmosphere feels more powerful mystical. Every movement of the dancers depict the softness and the majesty of Javanese women ..
A spectacular tradition on Holy Week in the Philippines. See how people do the "penitensya"
You might be familiar with 'Animal sacrifice' ritual in Tamilnadu. But, have you surveyed it with your own eyes? Dreadful.
This was a private party I held one Halloween (smile), so of course, I needed great music! I could only let you in on a few of the guest on the list, as others did not want to be published, for various reasons! I hope you enjoy this, I wrote it some time ago for some Halloween Magic!
While head hunting is a practice documented in many areas of the world including ancient China, Mesoamerica, India, Japan, and Africa, the only known head shrinkers are a group of people from the northwestern region of the Amazon rainforest collectively known as the Jivaroan.
Wedding rings symbolize commitment in marital life. There are many physical and psychological benefits in wearing wedding rings of which many people of modern generations are not aware.
The roots of gambling and gambling tools can be traced back thousands of years to religious ceremonies conducted by many pre-historic societies. Wide-spread cultural evidence indicates that early man created many rituals specifically to foretell the future or explain what was beyond ...
Folkways are considered as behavioral patterns of a particular society that is repetitive and organize. Rituals on the other hand are those highly scripted ceremonies of interactions which follows a sequence of actions. Examples are baptism, holidays and more.
Rituals serves as patterns of activity that expresses religious and spiritual symbolic meaning such as baptism or communion for the Holy Catholic Church and several others.
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