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God's law concerning animals that should and should not be eaten by his people. Rituals to be followed by women after childbirth and the law concerning leprosy.
This is a poem about right and wrong and the colors of the heart.
STORYLINE: Jessie begins experiencing a number of disturbing and unexplainable things after the death of his neighbor. As he investigates, it is not long before Jessie finds he’s been marked for possession by a malevolent demonic entity, and it’s only a matter of time before he is...
What is the symbolic meaning of using those aromatic substances such as incense? When they are burnt smoke rises up. They exhale perfume during combustion and fragrance when these substances and spices are burned as an act of worship.
Caring for head to toe every day. With the habit, you definitely expect beauty and skin beauty is always awake.
Kandyan dancing and drumming is what Sri Lanka is best known for all over the world. This art form originates as part of a night-long ceremony and the art flourished under the Kings as a sign of prestige and entertainment. All genres of dance are accompanied by drumming which can reac...
Jainism is a very old religion and has elaborate marriage rituals that are quite different from other religions
The sacred paste of sandalwood worn by Hindus on their forehead is an effective antiseptic and is used for treating urinary infections. It is not a surprise that sandalwood oil has been approved by Germany’s Commission E to be used with other therapies for treating bladder infection...
India is a land of pantheism. Buddhism which came from Hinduism also worships many goddesses. A fascinating and diverse array of female deities such as Mayadevi, Prthvi, and Sri Lakshmi can be found in Buddhism. The concept of goddesses in Buddhism yields an insight to the religions o...
Schools have reopened. In some countries reopening is earlier. Kids are back to school with their loads on their back and dreams in their front. Their slates are clean. What to write on the clean slates?
There are extensive rites and rituals of the Melanesian community at the attainment of puberty. The Melanesians are inhabitants of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Vanuatu (the former New Hebrides), New Caledonia, the Solomon Islands, and some smaller neighboring islands and ...
Day in and out, we do almost the same things from the time we open our eyes to welcome another day to the time we hit the sack.
The elephant has a close association with Hindu religious thought. It forms part of festival rituals in Hinduism
India is the largest consumer of gold in the whole world though it does not produce any gold of its own. Studies say that the Indians possess with them 18,000 million kilos gold. India's history, culture and myths have always glittered with gold and jewels.
Rituals of wedding in every religion have deep meaning. The Hindu wedding rituals and preparations for it have a lot of significance.
The Holy Bible says that Mary is the mother of Jesus. She had to undergo a lot of troubles and sorrows to bring him up. Pains and privations brought her nearer to Jesus. She has to help me to bring Jesus nearer to me.
The Hindu architecture symbolizes that gods reside in the temples. The structure of the building and the rituals that are performed indicate that temples are the residential places of gods.
The first weekend of October is observed with pet-blessing ceremonies in many of the Catholic churches. Do the animals which we keep as pets at home need such blessings? Is it a superstitious idea to take the pets to church and get them blessed?
All Souls Day is celebrated by most of the Christian denominations in the month of November. Here is a detail about how the Hindus celebrate it in the month of July.
While head hunting is a practice documented in many areas of the world including ancient China, Mesoamerica, India, Japan, and Africa, the only known head shrinkers are a group of people from the northwestern region of the Amazon rainforest collectively known as the Jivaroan.
The roots of gambling and gambling tools can be traced back thousands of years to religious ceremonies conducted by many pre-historic societies. Wide-spread cultural evidence indicates that early man created many rituals specifically to foretell the future or explain what was beyond ...
Syrian Christians will follow Hindu rituals and traditions in their life in daily life , marriages,death and in celebrating festivals
Every country has different cultural traditions for celebrating the passing away of relatives. Here is an overview of the way China performs this ceremony
Sybil Leek, “Britain’s most famous witch,” is often referred to as the “Mother” of modern witchcraft. Rising to fame in the 1960s, she became the inspiration for thousands of aspirants to discover the “old religion,” or Wicca as it is known today.
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