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Driving trip from New Delhi to Kolkata, through the heartland of India
We have relatives all over the west, my wife and I, and she won't fly so we drive when we go to see them. This is a collection of short poems I have collected through our years together, little pictures of America flying by.
Its the same story round the world corruption rape sex road rage Are we not inhabitants of the same Earth?
I'm just going to talk about my day up in Frankenmuth Michigan.
When investigating the site, dozens of cars were found with decomposing bodies still strapped to their seats.
This is about the road accidents and safety of Bangladeshi transportation system.
~My youngest son of twenty-three years returned to California with me to spend a few days visiting. Momma was with us in her plastic bag in the black plastic box with the lid that will never close~
~The Moon Man with the most insects in his jar was the star of the show. He was acknowledged in low ritual, encouraged and slapped silly while he smacked his lips, yummy-yummy, and ate the day’s catch of the entire group~
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