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Pros and cons on staycation while thousands have taken their leave to enjoy their well deserved holidays.
Do you like history? Do you like travelling? Do you like both of them? So, you need to see this ancient ways that really full with hidtory and beautiful scene. It's not just ordinary ways
The atmosphere, planet, earth, soil, ecology, land, biodiversity, flora and fauna were there since the very beginning of time, but then came human, who claimed the dominance over all the creations of nature. This act of dominance has had everlasting alterations on the entire surroundi...
Many roads to traverse.Life is an endless stream like a river constantly flowing ere it merges ...
I remember a time when the dustmen came once a week to collect the rubbish. Then along came recycling, so we all made an effort to help the environment. However, I feel the latest move is as step too far. Read on to find out more.
There are numerous electricity wire passing on the roads to the poles of electricity, which wire goes where no body knows. This may cause danger to the people of Delhi old city.
Giethoorn village located in right in the middle of the De weiden nature reserve, is other than known as Venice of the Netherlands
The snow had been spreading across the UK all this week, without reaching Kent. But now it’s here, and what chaos it has caused. Read on to find out more.
Flying cars have been in the dreams of children and adults alike for many years now, but unfortunately have not yet become reality; that is until now! A review of the two different types of flying cars which becoming available within the next couple of years.
America's roads and bridges, neglected for the past three decades, are now crumbling.
Driving in a foreign country brings with it attendant risks unless motorists equip themselves with proper driving skills, etiquette and common sense.
This is how things are here too many people and not enough space. Under educated about safety, and not wary about what could happen.
Adventures and Discoveries are what make life so interesting ~ Live Interesting!
I live in the south and no matter which road I travel on here i still find myself running over a pot hole. I can't seem to get away from the nightmare of having a flat tire. This is a funny little poem I wrote about that subject.
A brief overview of turnpikes in Britain and their role in changing travel and trade during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Perhaps you will feel the same with what I feel now. Everything are changed so fast and then you realize "They are Gone !".
Todays driving conditions are very diffferent to the 1980's
A insight into how new cars are actually tested before you buy them.
This is a quick guide to getting around Bangkok quickly and easily and avoiding tourist traps that could cost you a lot.
This describes the current traffic situation in Bangkok, the major traffic problems and the best solutions.
GOD'S GIFT!! A must read for any road users!!! TOP SAFETY TIPS AND WAYS TO AVOID TROUBLE!! *** (Contains flippancy and may not actually help)
~ I am a guide to the labyrinth ~ Jim Morrison ~ Are your longings under a thousand maths, you fool! ~ you poet! ~ Nietzsche ~ I hope your dreams take you to the highest of your hopes ~ Charles Manson ~ by good angels tenanted ~ Poe ~ name it religion ~ sacrifice others ~ save your ...
Todays mobile scooters are becoming bigger and faster and as a result many owners are to be seen on the roads. With this observation in mind I have written this Light hearted Poem.
Many of you will know this, but for those who don’t, your car needs just that little bit extra TLC in the winter months. Read on to learn just what you should be doing to maintain your car during the cold season.
When winter arrives, snow may too, and it causes absolute chaos in England
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