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Kevin and Snuifie come face to face with the sheep thief, sent to steal all their sheep. But is this M.U., or just someone working for him?
When you are driving home and you see that you are being followed, most likely these people behind you have some intentions up their sleeves.
Denial. Denial is usually an accused's first defence. But denying that you don't know anything about stolen property you're holding at that very moment? That takes some convincing.
Waldorf the handyman is having a conversation with Father. A rather serious conversation. He's quite desperate. Apparently, both of his bank accounts at two banks have been emptied on the same day.
This man says he became a free man when he embraced education and culture while he was in jail.
A personal observation of the author on the proliferation of plagiarism in macro blogging. a serious crime that can put anyone into trouble be it a professional, or a student.
Who really suffers when a crime is committed? The physical damage may heal, but what about the emotions?
as a result of the weak economy makes higher crime rates, because the needs and pressures of living is getting higher and not accompanied by adequate income plus the price of basic commodities continue to rise due to inflation, this is what triggers someone to reckless criminal act by...
Unpopular Governor Jackson Mandago, seen as one of the most inefficient, petty, tribal and corrupt administrators in Africa, economically dismembers small-scale traders by evicting them as they now turn to criminal activities to survive for lack of an income
I hope and pray this horrible crime of robbery, rape-slay, murder and arson committed by 4 ex-marines versus a fellow soldier and his wife of 3 months will never be repeated. Read the tragic details.
Instead of targeting the few who are out to exploit the loopholes in law, new compliance requirements in banking make life needlessly difficult for the majority whose needs are basic.The cost burden and time needed make the poor poorer while the rich are hardly touched in the end.
Christmas is not just a season ... it should be within us throughout the year and celebrated all year round.
Has OJ finally begun paying for a crime he got away with in 1995.
Just hours after the Justin Bieber concert in May, held in the FNB Stadium, South Africa, a carefully planned heist led to undetected robbers making off with three million rands.
Crazy, I would never thought but my I looked outside my bedroom and saw my neighbor ac machines being robbed. It's scary but robberies are on the rise in Vegas and everywhere else too due to poor economy.
Friday, July 19th, 2013 – Author G D Grace perspective
A white robber Conrad Zdzierak 30 was purchase a silicon elastic “dark gentleman cover” and done 5 bank thefts.
The number of drug-addicts is increasing in Europe
A casual trip to our corner store which leads to a close call with a deathly,but miraculous situation.
A story of schoolboy errors with, perhaps, life changing consequences. A case of want, not need.
The cult of Thuggery was prevalent in India for close to 200 years before it was eradicated during the days of the Raj( British Rule)
A thief had broken into my home and humiliated me.
in our regular life we have to go by train to work and back home.We face so much problems when we travel by train daily...
Whether China, Pakistan or the USA, pickpocketers prowl every corner of the Earth, lying in wait for their victims who are unsuspectingly walking into their trap. Many incidents involve distractions, but sometimes, these distractions are mobile, are sentient and may also have beefy fi...
Many benefits of having a dog,they protect us from robbers and unwanted people coming into our premises or our house,they help us by showing they can do anything for us.They are always loyal to their owners,They don't ask money,clothes nor a big place to stay.They can sleep in a small...
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