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The article speaks about the success of Rajnikant in Hindi and South Indian films. On his birthday his admirers expect him to continue the great work.
It would appear some weird stuff is happening all around Leeukopkraal and environs. Kevin is warned about it in a message from his father Franciscus Sweefarend.
Tackling the day and its chores is a pleasure for young Kevin Sweefarend, an aspirant robot designer, with the help of his robot secretary Secretarybot to help him work down a check list quickly and easily.
In this instalment of the EENDAG video novel, you are going to meet a character called the Kevbot, a robot as close to a human being as you will ever get.
Our EENDAG epic continues with a short history of Kevin and his dream to change the world for the better with robotics:
A technological-looking creature rised from within the city of London today, and continued to make a few apparently paranoid maneuvres, asif fleeing from something or someone.
The EENDAG time travelling robot, or "Kronobot" (pronouned Kron-oh-bawt), has a sporty new look.
Well, this is it. The day I have decided to commence filming of my new version of "Created by me", about a guy creating a time traveling robot that then drives him out of his own life. Well, actually, I have decided to rename it to "TIMEBOTICS". Just sounds more alluring I'd say.
Do you think your day is busy? Well, wait until you learn what Kevin Sweefarend all has to fit in into a morning! Fortunately, he does have help from Sekretarisbot. That's his robot secretary he built himself. Yes, he's very smart.
What is the robots.txt and what will it to do? Ever imagined in your mind to knowing to the robots.txt? This text file is usually underestimated, however its operate is extremely exceptional. Why incredible? Okay, now check up on this text as a result of notional describe a bit regard...
How did this Machine was Designed? In the early development of robotics is not actually originate from Electronic science disciplines, but from the fields of biology and novelist for a drama in the 18th century. The Biology scientists at that time wanted to create a creature that has ...
There is some basic language, or nomenclature around of the robotics. It is using the names contemporary of the times, eg Automatons, Mechanical Men, and then Robots. Only as technology changed man’s ability to create devices in its own image, it filtered into definitions of those ...
Cases of spread and infection of Ebola Virus has been claimed many victims in Africa lately. And also it has been spread into USA. Various kinds of anticipation have been done to anticipate the increased fall victims even more. “Disinfectant Company” from San Antonia, USA, Xenex i...
Toshiba has recently succeeded in creating innovative robots that are able to communicate with people through the language of gestures. Name a human-shaped robot that is "Aiko Chihira".
UAV or unmanned aerial vehicles have now come of age. The concept of aerial surveillance, of looking at far away places is now a reality, thanks to the efforts of iRobots. Thier co-founder Helen Greiner is ecstatic and now wants to expand this capability to other shores like agricultu...
Down on planet Earth, Kevin and Majoorbot are still walking along, looking for The One Who Knows Their Purpose.
Over a canyon, Majoorbot comes flying. He is looking for the young man. The young man looks up. "Majoorbot, find anything?", he shouts up at the robot. Yes, it seems indeed Majoorbot has found something! The man starts running after the robot flying overhead.
There is a real AT-ST (All Terrain - Scout Transport) walker where you actually can buy for $15,700 made by a movie prop studio in the UK. This all terrain vehicle has been featured in Star Wars films.
A review of the novel Agatha H and the Airship City. Romance! Adventure! MAD SCIENCE!!!
Looking out my window staring into the night sky, and wondering.
Will humans be needed if the schemes of robotic scientists come to fruition. They are even talking about the time, in only a few decades, when we have relationships with compliant, ever - willing lovers. The automation of low to medium skill jobs has already caused a social disaster a...
At precisely 5.00a.m. there was a sizzling sound as the shop door lock melted and the sound of heavy footsteps entering. This was followed by a loud thud and then a bang. Robert awoke at 7.00a.m and sensed a burning smell.
Our world changes when we make a conscious effort to be there for others when it matters. Competition is then replaced with cooperation and we rise to a higher realm of existence and bliss.
This article is about Robots on the way to our homes
These are family jokes about unfaithfulness. I hope you enjoy them. Just two of them I thought of and decided to share.
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