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MooiFlieks, the team behind the EENDAG culture, has announced today that it shall make EENDAG more accessible to English speakers who are interested to join in the fantastic world of EENDAG.
Well, this is it. The day I have decided to commence filming of my new version of "Created by me", about a guy creating a time traveling robot that then drives him out of his own life. Well, actually, I have decided to rename it to "TIMEBOTICS". Just sounds more alluring I'd say.
The technology of Star Trek is fast becoming a present day reality. The Da Vinci lung cancer robot will help many lung cancer patients.
It's down to the final five painters on "Skin Wars"...who survives to make it to the final four?
54 years ago, President John F. Kennedy gave a speech about going to the moon. We made it happen about 8 years later. That was widely seen as an American achievement, but in reality, it was an achievement for all of humanity. It showed what was possible with great effort and ...
Time passes on the sundial in Kevin's garden. How he would love to know one day how time works! If he knew how time works, he would be able to sort out his life and get all his business in order.
If this is what awaits for humans round the corner, I'd say it sounds pretty bleak.
The aim of this system and software was to understand the negotiations people make when machine and humans have different perspective and same goal,” Datta writes. “How they complement each other or counter each other
Toshiba has recently succeeded in creating innovative robots that are able to communicate with people through the language of gestures. Name a human-shaped robot that is "Aiko Chihira".
Our lives are full of choices and compromises and they include how we need to be aware of the needs of the mind, body and to live within the society we are part of. Time we moved as one towards self-realization to actualize our full potential and to find deeper meaning for our existen...
Our lifestyles are sure to change faster with robots and automation playing an increasing part in our daily lives. We will be faced with excess of idle time in our hands with the adage ever relevant – an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Let us hope as we progress we take care to h...
We are on a relentless journey with no one with wisdom or clout to guide us. Robots are taking over in subtle ways and we may cease to be the masters of our destiny. The momentum is gathering speed by the day. Nature should be our best guide and when we align with its basics we shoul...
♪ the owl is sitting in a tree, watching over Toringhoogte. The night is just making way for the morning. As the sun paints warm colors in the East, we see Kevin's house early in the morning. Inside, Kevin's alarm clock announces that it's time for Kevin to wake up and start his d...
2014 World Cup is touted as the most scientifically soccer tournament and technologically advanced.
So be it..for if people carry on the way they are doing...bereft of caring, loving, sharing.... instead greed and hatred war their tools to use then this piece might well tell of what could happen...
It is finally available for your viewing! EENDAG edition 1 has now been officially released for your viewing pleasure.
We are slowly but surely embracing a lifestyle far removed from what we were used to. Are we becoming less human but more individualistic, selfish, even robotic in our thinking and action?
This is a review of the book Radical Evolution by Joel Garreau This book explores the effects of technological advancement on human beings.
Indians believe in horoscopes, palmists, astrogers and fortune tellers. There is several ways to know our past and future. A robot will tell the pre recorded fortune to the enthusiasts on the roads of several major cities.
This article is about Robots on the way to our homes
We are consumed by a lifestyle that leaves little time to pause, take stock and ponder where are headed for. We are becoming robotic and move way from nature. We need to pause, smell the roses once in while and catch our breath for our survival.
The U.S. Government Made Robots to fight a long side U.S. Troops as the Cold War came to an end the robots were dismantled Some were saved for now a new mission as Mars waits for the robots
The robot has celebrated its 90th birthday in the world last January 25, 2011. It’s been a long way for the robots. The same way with humans, robots evolve its kind unceasingly that is often considered a threat to the human race. How will that happen? The traces are already undeniab...
A random thought runs through my head one day. What if i am a robot? This article writes my thoughts and the such.
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