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Being a musician sometimes is a good way to collect the coffers of wealth, especially if you are already have a big name (branding) then absolutely the money simply flowed into the pockets ranging from concert revenue, album royalties, the salary up to a sponsor. This applies globally...
this is a poem I wrote many years ago... I was a DJ in a popular night club and one night this theme came to me... after 51 verses I had to narrow it down.... I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it...
I was sitting at the park sitting at the picnic table looking into the trees. I was thinking about how people ask for advice about relationships and these are the words that filled my head. I hope you find something that you can relate to.
written many years ago about my high school sweetheart... she was princess and i was prince.... married for over 20 yrs.... 3 beautiful children all grown up.. I miss you!
Bob Dylan is 70 on this day 24th May 2011. here is a quick look at the life of the remarkable poet and singer song writer
A short story based on a true incident, let me take you back to the heady days of free love and Rock & Roll to the summer of 69
~Ever attempted a conversation with someone, a five-year-old in their lap squeezing & squeaking a balloon~that’s what it felt like in my rock ‘n roll days~guitar players & drummers pickin’ & clankin’ while I was busy trying to concentrate, to write lyrics~
~ an original rock ballad written & performed by the author and his sons ~ if a tear on heaven’s table could wash away our sins ~ god might make a waterfall & forget about the men ~
~an original rock ballad written & performed by the author and his sons~ ~lady~you are~a vision of Sunday~a river of falling~a chant in the evening~a dry well of wanting~the church of my haunting~
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