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Are you planning on forming a rock band or something like that? Well I've got some tips for you to be able to build the best rock band.
I was sitting at the park sitting at the picnic table looking into the trees. I was thinking about how people ask for advice about relationships and these are the words that filled my head. I hope you find something that you can relate to.
This article is about the songs "the Unforgiven" by Metallica
~I have ridden this ol’ Hawg through clouds~Gods have smiled on me and kicked my ass~a thousand drill bit raindrops~I hit the throttle~howl through to the other side~on the edge and one step further~over the top~
The new Journey band with their newfound lead singer Arnel Pineda continues to plot one of the greatest band comeback in rock music history. An electrifying new album is set for release in early 2011 and lead guitarist Neal Schon reveals some of the details.
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