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Deke Leonard served a life sentence in the music business.
Dad had stumbled upon a shelter in the woods. He decided that the team was going to have to come back to the park at night and set up surveillance. There was a distinct possibility that the bad guy had set up camp deep in the woods. If the team could get the drop on them Dad felt t...
Clarissa met Maggie in the park. She just happens to be a duck. When she heard what was going on in the park Maggie wanted to join the team. Clarissa thought that Maggie would be an asset to the team so she welcomed her. She is now patrolling the waterway and is on the lookout for a...
The Hard Rock Cafe is more about rock in more than just the name, they help to promote music with performances by area musicians.
I intended to write music for these poems but I never did, I hope you enjoy them as they are.
I've had to tread lightly here. Rightly or wrongly I have attempted to put into words how one could possibly feel before, during and after fantastic lovemaking.
Are you planning on forming a rock band or something like that? Well I've got some tips for you to be able to build the best rock band.
Leonardtown colonists believed Moll Dyer to be a witch who had cast an evil spell over them. Irritated that she appeared to be of sound health while the rest of the citizens were meeting their demise by record numbers, Moll Dyer was pulled out of her home by the angry colonists and se...
After metamorphosis only love and soul remaining.. in our nature we go with lots of instance in course of time and with our mind. so many changes are made here through man and nature. some are true some are man made but after math true things consist our mind.
A chance meeting with a young boy gives me a new perspective on growing old.
American writer Steve Almond thinks the song 'Africa' by Toto is so laughably contemptible that he felt the need to get up on stage and talk about it. I discuss, in an open letter to him, why I think he should use his time more wisely (especially his time on stage), and not be so musi...
For me the Moody Blues are the greatest. Always have been, always will. Their music and their lyrics inspire the heart to joy. The excitement they afford us with so many of their songs goes on and on. So enjoy this if you will....
The reed flute cave is a beautiful and fascinating cave where the verdant reed can be made as melodious flutes. This cave also has rock formations that develop carbonate deposit that can produce multi-colored lighting.
Before they were the famous, all bands had to do one thing first: Select a stage name!
Here is a brief summary of my opinion about the current Van Halen CD, "A Different Kind Of Truth."
This is basically a memoir about the first time that I saw King's X in concert, and how that experience made me a fan for life!
My opinions about the latest musical offering by Aerosmith.
Are you looking for an unusual exotic pet? Would you like a pet that is cheap and easy to care for? Perhaps a pet rock is just the pet for you!
"Next to the spring rock Thyrsa waits, and recreates her wedding feasts;" A poem about eternal love.
A Rocking new local Rockford, IL Band is creating a global scene thanks to the internet!
Some writers may not feel that they are being fairly compensated for their work. This is a complaint that must be examined in a world where you commonly have "to pay to play." Find out the complicated path to being a professionally paid writer and the answer to the question: Do Writer...
A review of a live concert by the blues and rock band The Bare Bones Boogie Band.
A look at the early music of Black Sabbath and its origins and inspiration.
CD Review of Roots 2 by Stewart Hardy and Frank McLaughlin
Have you ever heard the phrase, What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger? Read about an example from pop culture, and find out how traumatic events can mature and grow us far more than a life without painful happenings.
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