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A description, with accompanying pictures, of a geographical anomaly/oddity in the Southwestern corner of the state of Virginia in the United States.
We've lived many events that can make interesting stories if we think back .
Dad called a meeting with all team members. He explained to the team that they were all needed around the clock. Dad passed out assignments and told the team to be ready first thing in the morning. Milly was going to be at the entrance to the park. Clarissa and Katie had decided t...
The crime spree is continuing in the park. Ladies are being attacked and their purses stolen. The Park Rangers summoned Dad to the park. Four girls had their bikes taken by a couple of guys in a pickup truck. Dad worked on a plan and has called the whole team together.
The Pallavas were lovers of art and architecture. They built many temples in their kingdom, which are noteworthy for their artistic skill.
This is the story of the bird, and the rock, and the little boy who wanted to be the rock and watch the world as it passes by.
You ever have one of those days where you just the need to take a pre-planned group photo? Well we did! Our lead thought today would be a good day to take a group shot of the ROCK STAR team! Everyone from the maintenance who are hiding tee’s in their bag’s took out and dressed up...
Mahabalipuram is a great travel destination. It is a place where you can see architectural wonders, creations of the Pallava Dynasty in south-east India. You can relax and enjoy the Mahabalipuram beach. Mahabalipuram is one of the places to visit on your vacation. It is located 50 Km...
There is no glory in hell, only fire and brim storm, burning for all eternity
Have you ever spent some time beside a dry river? I have often sat beside one and heard it speak to me.
On a clear blue summer day two friends take a walk in the hills. The scenes are beautiful the day fragrent.
The Canadian Shield is an example of a geological shield that is form below the Earth's crust and pushed to the surface as molten rock. This article describes the history of the Canadian Shield and the material contain therein.
Asteroids are small bodies that are made up chiefly of rocks and metals.Most asteroids orbit the Sun in the wide asteroids belt, which lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter ,on the other hand ,are made up of a loose mixture of rocks and ice, and for this reason they are often c...
This is the account of a strange encounter I had recently. Kindly read to unravel the mystery.
Are you looking for an unusual exotic pet? Would you like a pet that is cheap and easy to care for? Perhaps a pet rock is just the pet for you!
On Sunday 12th August, Gareth Gates took the audience by storm at the Embassy Theatre Skegness, and they were rocking it up in the aisles. Read on to find out more.
Home aquarium is a hobby with a difference and if pursued properly this can be a long term passionate hobby to make one's life a cheerful and satisfying one. With a hope that this article will be a useful guide for the enthusiasts interested in setting up a Home Aquarium, I am present...
This life ain't no bed of roses. It is as rocky as it can be.
Large or small, the rocks that constitute the firm structure of much of our world, really DO matter …To suggest that some object is "just" a rock is to miss the point completely.
A short jingle about the mull of kintyre lighthouse, hard to get to and found all alone on the rocks taking the full force of the sea.
Water is one of the sources of our lives. We all hope it will last forever I am sure.
There are large number of people who know geology is about rocks, but not that it covers a huge range of other subjects. This article gives a bit of insight into a vast and wonderful topic.
Music is the best healing as well as food for the soul that calms and also provides with happiness and support.
The Punk rock female artist who started when she was16, has now become a rockstar. See what she's all about.
The story of the answer to problem of traffic control & safety in road construction zones.
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