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Imagine that a human emotions disappeared suddenly, how will the social life? How will relations with others? Interaction with social attitudes? Or... Why do you imagine that? You can learn to accidents occurred, in fact extracted the parts of the brain responsible for emotions in th...
Faith and Belief on region do not reflect in personal characters telling us to think why there is influence on people following them.
this page gives a brief summary of how the church can intervene in the lives of street children
It is a poem about the thirst for power of worldly powers which are destroying every thing for grabbing more power.rising high by standing on the corpses.
Looks like the world will live longer than we thought it would. Here some shocking discovery regarding the earth's ozone layer.
Computers have been used in schools and colleges since the first apples were introduced in the seventies.
This article is about the importance of father in a children's growth. Father must give his utter most to his son
Apple is always had been famous for placing copyright infringement on others but it is seldom that it fails but now it had failed in china regarding iPad trademark.
The article gives a contrast between how much care and attention you kids need and how much social exposure is required for them.
As the consensus theorist tries to examine on the integration of values in society, the conflict theorist examines about the conflicts of interest between social groups in society.
Did you know that Madonna not only a singer? Learn more about her roles.
Everybody knows Frank Sinatra's songs. But did you know he was a film actor too?
The question as to why do relationships fail? I personally am not surprised that some relationships do fail. Failure is there in every walk of life and so also in relationships.
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